YouTube Music's repeat button is apparently back while casting

YouTube Music
YouTube Music home page (Image credit: Chris Wedel / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • YouTube Music has reportedly brought back the repeat button while casting after launching and then removing it last year.
  • The button is no longer grayed out when casting on your device.
  • The feature appears to be back up and running on Android and iOS, but not on YouTube Music's iPad app.

If you're casting in YouTube Music right now, you may have noticed a familiar button that vanished briefly after its debut on Android early last year. According to 9to5Google, the service has apparently restored the repeat button while casting.

The ability to repeat songs, along with the shuffle feature, while casting YouTube Music to supported devices, including the best smart displays, went live for some users in February of last year. A few weeks later, it became widely available.

However, both capabilities were removed shortly afterward. The shuffle button was later restored, but the repeat button was still missing when you started casting.

As of today, the repeat button appears to be functional again while casting. It's grayed out at first, and you can only use it a few seconds after starting a casting session.

This means you can now repeat a song, album, or playlist when casting on your Android device to a Nest Hub, for example. It also seems to be live on iOS devices, except for iPads.

Here's hoping that the button's return isn't just a fluke or part of Google's A/B testing.

The button's return coincides with a fix to a YouTube Music outage that affected casting music to Chromecast and Android TV devices, per 9to5.

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