T-Mobile's top plan is getting even better with free Apple TV Plus

Apple TV in the web browser of a Galaxy S20+
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What you need to know

  • Starting on August 31, 2022, T-Mobile Magenta MAX customers will get an Apple TV+ subscription included with their plan.
  • Magenta plan users can get a six-month trial of Apple TV+ if they aren't sure about the upgrade.
  • Apple TV+ is a subscription service from Apple with original programming at a standard price of $4.99 per month.

T-Mobile is adding Apple TV+ to the list of features included with its top unlimited plan, Magenta MAX. Beginning on August 31, 2022, Apple TV+ will be available for customers using this unlimited plan for no additional charge.

Apple TV+ is a subscription streaming service from Apple with original programming and compatibility with a wide range of streaming devices. Even though there isn't a native Apple TV app for Android phones, you can still access and watch Apple TV+ content in a web browser. Apple TV+ normally costs $4.99 per month.

T-Mobile announced the availability of this new perk with a short YouTube video.

T-Mobile customers on other plans like Magenta can still try Apple TV+ for six months if they're not sure the other upgrades with Magenta MAX will be worth it. In fact, T-Mobile has a free 12-month trial for Paramount+ as well.

Magenta MAX is one of the best cell phone plans you can get, but it's fairly steep $85 per line won't be worth it for many. Luckily it does have some multi-line savings, so if you're bringing two or three lines, it's a much better value.

Magenta MAX is a great plan for streamers thanks to its unlimited premium data on T-Mobile's network, and HD video streaming enabled. Magenta MAX can be an even better deal with multiple lines, with Netflix being upgraded to HD with two screens when you have at least two people on the plan. The monthly price per line is also lower with multiple lines.

Apple TV works on some of the best streaming devices, so you can still take advantage of the deal if you're not on an iPhone.

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