NVIDIA Shield TV update fixes lingering bugs, adds a few enhancements

Nvidia Shield TV Review
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What you need to know

  • The NVIDIA Shield TV is picking up a new update.
  • The update includes a number of bug fixes, including an issue with pairing gaming controllers.
  • File transfer speeds have also been improved, and external storage bugs have been addressed.

NVIDIA Shield TV owners are being treated to a new update on Tuesday. Shield Experience Upgrade 9.0.2 has begun rolling out with a number of bug fixes and a few quality improvements.

You can check out the full changelog at the NVIDIA forums, but some notable changes are arriving with this update. For one, the update brings improved file transfer speeds while fixing various bugs related to external storage. Additionally, Shield Experience 9.0.2 adds "helpful notifications when connecting or formatting removable storage."

Another notable fix addresses problems connecting to various gaming controllers, such as those from Xbox consoles and the Switch Pro controller. The update also fixes an AI upscaling problem for the Netflix app on the 2019 NVIDIA Shield TV.

Below is the list of more notable enhancements and fixes that NVIDIA provided us with:

  • Adds Plex support for latest Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD DVB-T tuner (in EU only)
  • Adds helpful notifications when connecting or formatting removable storage
  • Fixes bug where AI upscaling could not be changed in Netflix app (applies to 2019 SHIELD devices only)
  • Fixes bug where surround upmixer would stop working after playing Dolby audio streams
  • Improves file transfer speeds
  • Fixes bug when copying files over local network from Mac to removable storage on SHIELD
  • Resolves issue pairing Dual Shock 3, XBOX One S, XBOX Series S/X, and Switch Pro controllers

The NVIDIA Shield TV continues to be one of the best streaming devices thanks to its continued software support. However, earlier this year, NVIDIA users were plagued with various bugs after updating their devices to Android 11. Shield Experience 9.0.1 rolled out in February to address the problems, but it seems not everything was fixed. Hopefully, with 9.0.2, users should continue to notice improvements with their devices.

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