For 65 bucks, I scored a smart TV AND over $200 of streaming subscriptions during Best Buy's Christmas sale

Insignia Fire TV
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We're deep into the holiday season, which means loads of retailers, wireless carriers, and tech manufacturers alike have been launching Christmas sales to shed some of their leftover stock before the new year. Among these offers is a sweet $55 off the 24-inch F20 Series Fire TV from Insignia, a discount that sends the price of the TV crashing down to just $64.99 at Best Buy

The F20 gets discounted all the time so that's not surprising, but Best Buy is changing things up this time around by throwing in three months of Apple TV Plus (usually $9.99/month), a full 30 days of the live TV streaming service FuboTV (usually $74.99/month), and four months of SiriusXM music streaming (the Platinum plan, usually $23.99/month) for free. Do the math, and you'll see that you're looking at over $200 worth of streaming service subscriptions AND a smart TV for just 65 bucks. It's the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. 

Insignia 24" F20 Series Fire TV: $119.99$64.99, plus free trials to Apple TV Plus, FuboTV, and SiriusXM

Insignia 24" F20 Series Fire TV: $119.99 $64.99, plus free trials to Apple TV Plus, FuboTV, and SiriusXM

Sure, the F20 Series Fire TV may not be the most feature-packed Android TV on the market, but you'll still be getting nice-looking 720p resolution, three HDMI ports on the back, and instant access to all your favorite streaming services straight out of the box. All of this for just 65 bucks? Count me in!

If 24 inches is simply too tiny for your home, it's worth noting that all of the size options in Insignia's affordable F20 and F30 Series of smart TVs are getting similar deals during Best Buy's sale, going all the way up to the 70-inch 4K UHD model for $599.99 $449.99

Price comparison: Amazon - $64.99 

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