Google ditches its first-gen Chromecast after a ten-year run

Chromecast With Google Tv Blur
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What you need to know

  • Google is reportedly ending support for the first-gen Chromecast
  • The device had a good ten year run when it comes to receiving updates.
  • The last update was received in November last year.
  • Users are said to notice a degradation in performance.

If you’re still on the first iteration of Google Chromecast, now might be a good time to consider upgrading to the search giant’s latest offering or look elsewhere. That's because Google is ending support and the firmware version your current Chromecast 2013 model is running might be the last.

Google has confirmed the end of support on Chromecast’s official support page (spotted by 9to5Google). The site, which traditionally showcases the latest firmware versions and releases notes of available Chromecast devices from Google, has shared the following statement:

“Support for Chromecast (1st gen) has ended, which means these devices no longer receive software or security updates, and Google does not provide technical support for them. Users may notice a degradation in performance.”

The first gen Chromecast runs on the 1.36.159268 version number, the last firmware upgrade that came with traditional bug fixes and improvements. The update was released back in November.

After serving an excellent ten-year run, it is understandable that Google discontinued the first Chromecast. This is considering the wide variety of options the search giant already provides, including the Chromecast with Google TV (4K) and the affordable Chromecast with Google TV (HD) being the latest.

Alternatively, you have many other streaming devices to choose from, both inexpensive and affordable segments.


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Not just the latest ones, but support for the second-gen and third-gen models appears intact, at least for another year or more, given that Google has only decided to ditch the first one.

The first-gen Chromecast is also the only Chromecast device with an iconic key-shaped design, with one end serving with an HDMI port and the other being shaped akin to a Chrome icon. Google later adopted the round design with successive iterations.

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