Deezer is marking its US debut by announcing a premium streaming service in the country called Deezer Elite, which will work exclusively on Sonos systems. Through the service, you'll be able to stream over 30 million songs from Deezer's catalog in the lossless FLAC format with a quality of 16-bit/44.1kHz (or around 1,411 kbps), which is is a significant improvement over what other streaming music services like Spotify offer at 320 kbps.

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US customers will get first access to Deezer Elite, with the beta scheduled to commence from September 15. The service is available at a launch price of $14.99 a month (set to increase to $19.99 soon), or $120 a year in the US, and will be available globally at a later date. All Sonos users get a 30-day trail to try out the service.

Sonos users, are you looking forward to streaming high-quality tunes?

Source: Sonos

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