It's been a long month for me, and while it's definitely not as cold as it could be, I've been fighting to keep out the chill and keep in the warmth as I zip through my work and binge ungodly amounts of Disney+. There are many a blanket on sale this Cyber Monday, but mere blankets are easy to come by. No, we need something special to keep us warm on these cold winter days and long winter nights, but Amazon's Cyber Monday deals include something that I wish I wearing right this very second: The Comfy Blanket Sweatshirt.

Sherpa lining on the inside, bright or deep colors on the outside, and perfect warmth all around make this the only hoodie worth buying today.

Stay comfy, my friends

The Comfy Oversized Blanket Sweatshirt

It's a cold, cruel world out there, but you can bring the comfort of home's warm embrace with you everywhere with this huge, hug-like hoodie. Available in over a dozen colors for adults and five colors for kids, this hoodie is great for cuddling up for movie marathons.

$27.99 $44.99 $17 off

There are three styles on sale today each with its own benefits:

  • Blanket Sweatshirt — This is comfiest of the Comfy styles, with warmer Sherpa lining and a larger array of available colors. Because this has the thicker lining, this is a bulkier sweatshirt to fold up and pack along for trips, and it's easier to overheat in here.
  • Hoodie Sweatshirt — This is more like a traditional hoodie and lacks the Sherpa lining, making this easier to wear when it's not freezing cold outside. If you live somewhere like Texas where your cold snaps don't tend to last as long, the Hoodie might be more useful to you. There's only eight colors available here.
  • Kids Blanket Sweatshirt — This is the child-sized version of the sherpa-lined Blanket Sweatshirt. It's only available in five styles: Blue, Pink, Santa, Reindeer, and Elf.

I wish the child's version was available in more colors — and especially available in more non-holiday designs — but the warmth is the important thing here and this hoodie can be such a boon when your're curled up on the couch, on the deck around the firepit. Because these hoodies are so long, it's easy to pull your feet up under the edges, and the sleeves are long enough for you to hide your hands inside for extra warmth when you need it.

I've been wearing a Disney wearable blanket for a month now and I am absolutely in love with it, though I wish it has actual sleeves like The Comfy does. If you find yourself wanting some cuddlier to wear around the house or wear to frigid freezing football playoff games, pull the trigger and pull on the warmth!

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