I've reviewed a lot of the best wireless earbuds over the years, and Jaybird has proven again and again that it's a relentless competitor. While its X-series of wireless headphones are still renowned by athletes everywhere, it took a while for the company to get true wireless earbuds right. Sad to say, the Jaybird Run and Run XT just weren't great products — in fact, they were downright bad.

But the Vistas made up for all of it. Jaybird went back to the drawing board and redesigned its wireless earbuds from scratch, making them smaller, more reliable, and better-sounding, all while maintaining the sweatproof mastery that fans of the X-series have expected forever.

At $99.99 for Cyber Monday, this is one hell of a deal.

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Jaybird Vista | $99.99 at Amazon

The Jaybird Vista are among the most comfortable and best-sounding workout earbuds, and at $99.99, they're the lowest price we've ever seen them.

Jaybird Vista earbuds with open case in backgroundSource: Daniel Bader / Android Central

I'll even quote from my Jaybird Vista review from back in 2019:

You're getting comfortable, great-sounding earbuds with awesome battery life and solid connectivity that are also waterproof and live in a relatively tiny case. What's missing is annoying more than devastating.

If you can justify the cost, the Vistas are easy to love and even easier to slip in a pocket. You don't have to be a runner to enjoy them, but if you are one they'll probably last you a long time.

That was when these cost $180. Now they're down to $100. That's a serious discount on a ridiculously good pair of wireless earbuds.

Now, if you want something a bit more modern, Bose's brand new Sport Earbuds are discounted to $159 for Cyber Monday, a modest reduction of $20 from their retail price. Now I haven't heard them in person, but I have heard their more premium $279 QuietComfort Earbuds, and they sound incredible. You get the same great comfort and sound, but lose the ANC and wireless charging case.

I'd also be doing you a disservice if I didn't mention the elephant in the room, both in terms of size and influence, Apple's Powerbeats Pro. They're $50 off for Cyber Monday, too, and they're pretty damn good — even for Android users.

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