Stadia Pro adds Saints Row 4: Re-Elected and more in November

Saints Row IV Reelected Screenshot
Saints Row IV Reelected Screenshot (Image credit: Deep Silver)

What you need to know

  • Google revealed four more games that Stadia Pro members can play with their subscription starting Nov. 1.
  • The four games are Saints Row 4: Re-Elected, Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator, Dirt 5, and Kemono Heroes.
  • Valkyria Chronicles IV will be leaving Stadia Pro on Nov. 1.

Stadia Pro will be adding another four games to its catalog of over 30 titles that subscribers can claim next month, Google announced in a blog post.

Members can claim Saints Row 4: Re-Elected beginning Monday, Nov. 1, which is launching alongside the Stadia store. This port of the 2013 third-person action-adventure game includes all downloadable content and add-ons, and would be a great way to scratch that Saints Row itch before the reboot comes out next year.

The other games coming to Stadia Pro on the same day include off-road racing game Dirt 5, management title Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator, and four-player retro side-scroller Kemono Heroes. Google also noted that Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be leaving the Stadia Pro catalog on November 1, so subscribers still have a little time to claim the tactical RPG.

Google has been steadily adding more games to Stadia over the past month, even as the company offers its technology to host games that are not available to play through its own service. Some of the more recent titles include Ubisoft's Riders Republic, action RPG Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and kid-approved My Friend Peppa Pig.

The company had promised to add over 100 titles to the store earlier this year, including some of the best Stadia games, after shutting down its first-party Stadia games studio.

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