Sprint sponsors 4G application challenge

It's become quite evident that there are some extremely talented Android developers out there with some unique ideas and great ways of bringing them to the table for us. In hopes of bringing more developers on board with their 4G movement, Sprint has offered up a nice sum of money for some grand prize winners. There will be five categories; entertainment, gaming, productivity, social networking and multimedia, giving developers a fair chance since it is not limited to just one category. You think you got what it takes to bring home the $50,000 prize that is up for grabs? If so, be sure to check out all the details and get yourself entered here.

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  • Can't wait to see these phenomenal apps
  • Very cool!
  • I'm not a developer, so here's my idea for someone else to submit. I expect a 25 percent cut if you win. 4G LAN party. Take that idea and run with it.
    'nuff said.
  • So sprint is actually encouraging developers to make data sucking apps. With the development of the first few popular apps sprint will see a huge increase in data and start talking about tiered data plans. Sounds like a double edge sword to me.
  • Soo you rather have apps that dont make good use of the data what so ever?.... Thinking forward and being realistic alll carriers will be doing the tiered thing sooner(att and vzw) or later(tmob and sprint).... Ill suck all the data i can til thT happens
  • um... Sprint WANTS people to suck down data so they can be on that top tier (when the tiers go active). They also WANT people to who buy a lower tier to go over their allotted amount and either: 1) upgrade or 2) pay usage fees.
  • Hmmm, sounds good for Sprint but until there is a critical mass of locations with actual 4G, I don't see much other incentive for developers. There just isn't enough customer base at this time for high bandwidth applications. I can only get 3G some of the time here and I certainly would not be paying for an 4G app.
    I am using a Samsung Epic and love it but I really would love to see it run 4G.
  • Cool, but Google's Android AppInventor needs to come out of Beta and let developers develop. There are many ideas out there, but some folks don't have programming skills to bring these ideas to life.
  • I don't see how you can design an app specifically for 4G. I mean, how would they be any different than apps running on WiFi? Seems to be purely a marketing tool as 4G doesn't add any capabilities. "Hey, upgrade your phone so you can use these apps specifically designed for 4G!!!!" It would kind of be like the applications designed for Windows 7 that happen to run with full functionality on Vista and XP. The increased bandwidth is useful, but I don't see where that can turn into a 4G specific apps outside of video streaming or conferencing.