Sprint is rumored to get HTC Legend, AT&T may pick up the Desire

We're not even a full week removed from Mobile World Congress, and already the rumors are starting to fly regarding U.S. availability of the HTC Legend and Desire, which were unveiled there. Said rumors come from the Boy Genius Report, and are as follows:

  • AT&T will release the HTC Desire -- basically the Nexus One with the new Sense UI -- with some minor cosmetic changes. A May-June time frame is possible.
  • Sprint could get the Legend as the Hero 2, and it also could see some small cosmetic changes.
  • Google may still release an AT&T 3G-compatible Nexus One at Google.com/phone.
  • Oh, and speaking of the Legend, WirelessGoodness [via AndroPhones] spotted it going through the FCC. So it's got that going for it, which is nice.

Of course all that is unofficial and subject to change. But it's far from out of the realm of possibility, and it doesn't take a betting man to know that HTC has great stuff in store for the United States this year.

  • The big rumor in February was the the iPhone was going to be announced as coming to VZW. It turned out not to be true. Rumors: Take 'em with a grain of salt.
  • I kept hoping I read that backwards. I find the Desire much more appealing than the Legend, but I'm on Sprint; and unfortunately I happen the think BGR is calling it accurately. Maybe I'll hold out for the Supersonic.
  • Really sprint??? We need a nexus like phone, if this is true all the carriers are going to have the "N1" except for sprint... please Well this can help me to make me wait for the Supersonic... if I buy the Legeng I will wait until 4G is avaliable here in Cincinnati to buy it or if the Supersonic comes out around the same time than the Legend is hisroty!!! But please get the Desire for us!!!
  • this or supersonic. Whatever comes 1st.but that ledgend will need to look better, I am not feeling the chin on it.
  • If the SS comes out the end of this year, and the Legend soon-ish (next month or two? or June?), then I'll roll on the Legend for a little while. I like the form factor, and while yes- it could be a lot better (spec wise), it is a great looking phone, and optimized for the new Sense update with 2.1, unlike the Moment or Hero. So....I'm stoked either way. Legend or SS. Two great choices IMO. :)
  • Sprint did say they will have new Android Devices from HTC this year. The Legend is not really different from the Hero. It's only difference is the AMOLED screen and metallic body. You might see in April if we are lucky, but knowing Sprint and HTC just add 3 months to the normal release and that is when their device is coming out. Also, the recent price drop wasn't as steep, so it could be an indication that they are gonna get the Legend, but not for a while. Sprint dropped the price of the Tour dramatically. I have a feeling when the Sprint update for 2.1 comes out for the Hero, the Hero2 will be announced that day.
  • And it's blazing fast, though the smaller screen and lower resolution have something to do with that. That's going to be a sticking point for the pixel nerds, though.
  • This is the final straw. If AT&T gets the Desire, I'm switching from Verizon. I dont care if I have to put a booster in my house. I'm so sick of verizon not getting good phones. So F you verizon. Put a little more money into HTC's pocket and get something good. Frak!
  • Sprint must be trying to die! If you are thinking 4G will save you, remember you have to get to that point first! You have people with you now that are happy with 3G but just want a dang phone worth having!
  • Oh, give me a break. People here have the shortest attention spans and memories. Last Summer Sprint was the only carrier with a phone of similar spec to the iPhone 3GS (Palm Pre) and it was also its exclusive carrier. Then they got a great iteration of the Hero followed by what was the best Android phone at the time (Moment). Then Verizon got the Droid at the tail end of October. Then TMo got the Nexus One in January. Now it's only February and there is talk of these other new HTCs going cross carrier. If you look at the overall picture, there is always a staggered release schedule where any one carrier is not going to release a huge groundbreaking phone more than once or twice a year. There will be iterations and updates but it's hardly like any one carrier has a monopoly on high end smartphones. My Pre is not even a year old yet and it is kicking just fine. In a few days I should have video recording and Flash as well which fill in a couple of the shortcomings of the phone. By the time my 1-year upgrade rolls around in June, I'll probably go for an Android phone. The fact that I get yearly upgrades and never have trouble finding something nice to move up to tells me that Sprint is hardly doing a bad job with handset selection.
  • And it's easy to tell that you haven't used Sprints WiMax. The speed difference is amazing, and faster than many home cable connections. Having used it, I can see why more attention is being focused on having the first working 4G cellphone. The first and only Android, WinMo/WinPho7 (and probably WebOS) 4G phones will sell and they know it. The Desire is a nice phone, and would be fun to have. But I can wait a little longer for a 4G Android handset.
  • Whoa.....Hold your horses!!!...Don't hold your breath According to infosync - NO NO NO...
    "The HTC Legend will be available in Europe through Vodafone and in the direct channel beginning in April. It will roll out to other parts of the world including Asia in early Q2. HTC says there are no plans to make the HTC Legend and HTC Desire available in the U.S. though."
    http://www.infosyncworld.com/news/n/10819.html Let's hope they're WRONG.
  • No, that's exactly what HTC said last week at Mobile World Congress. We were there. That doesn't mean the phones *won't* come to the U.S. in some form. They just weren't announcing anything at MWC.
  • Desire on AT&T is seriously bad news... They can barely handle the iPhone - let alone another highly capable data phone...