Sprint Carrier Billing

First T-Mobile, then AT&T, and now Sprint's rolling out the ability to charge Android Market purchases to your Sprint bill. Simple as that. Our pal Steve sent us the screen shot you see above, and "Bill my Sprint account" is listed plain as day.

And Steve's not alone. We've got the memo that's been making the rounds after the break, and it look like carrier billing should be up for everyone in the next couple of days. So if you've been longing to charge your Android apps to your Sprint account, join us in a hearty "Huzzah!" Thanks, Steve and Mek!

Update: And Google just made it official.

Starting 4/7/11, Sprint Consumer and Individual Liable (IL) customers who
have the ability to purchase third party content through the Google (Android)
Marketplace will be provided the option to bill their purchase directly to
their Sprint Invoice, also referred to as carrier billing.

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Rollout of Android Marketplace carrier billing will be staggered between
4/7/11 and 4/14/11.

Corporate Liable (CL) customers will be systematically opted out of the

Customers who “opted out” for content purchases will be presented with
the option to bill to account but will not be able to successfully purchase
using this payment option.

Consumer and IL customers can change their premium content opt in/out status
via sprint.com or by calling Customer Care.
Bill to Sprint invoice is not available on the HTC Hero or Samsung Moment.

There is no change to how customers access, manage or request refunds for
Android Marketplace purchases. Customers will continue to contact Google or
the 3rd party content provider for refunds and support of the application.

Customers receive an email with each purchase providing the contact
information for support of purchases.

The line charge on the invoice will be the total amount and Sprint will not
incorporate additional taxes.

Charges will typically appear on the next bill cycle and will appear in the
premium content section with an Android Market notation.
Account Spending Limit balances will apply for ASL customers as purchases
will count as part of their spending limit.