Considering how few used One Up, Sprint hopes you won't notice

Falling six days short of its four month anniversary, Sprint has stopped offering the One Up phone upgrade service. What came as a clear response to T-Mobile's Simple Choice plans and subsequent offerings from AT&T and Verizon, One Up gave customers a $15 break in their monthly service charge for financing a device over 24 months. An added bonus was the ability to trade in your phone after 12 months for a new one, so long as you financed that as well.

Well it turns out that One Up wasn't such a great deal for Sprint in the end, and the nation's third-place carrier completely stopped offering One Up on January 9th. The fact that it took a little while to notice shows how unpopular One Up may actually have been, but it's a big step in the wrong direction back towards indirect device subsidies for Sprint

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In its notice indicating the One Up is gone, Sprint gives customers links to check out its new Framily Plan, which gives a discount for bringing together friends and family onto one plan. While you can potentially save money with the Framily Plan if you group up folks all on Sprint, it's far from a replacement of One Up — especially for accounts with just one line.

Source: Sprint; Via: The Verge