Because of recent news of a replacement Galaxy Note 7 causing evacuation of a Southwest plane during boarding, Sprint is allowing customers with a Note 7 the opportunity to replace it with any other phone they offer according to Recode.

The incident early Wednesday has shined the spotlight back on the Note 7, as it's a case of a verified replacement device experiencing a battery failure severe enough to potentially cause harm. It's important to remember that so far this is an isolated event, but we can't fault anyone who errs on the side of caution.

Note 7

Because the phone in question was a device deemed as safe, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is further investigating to find the root cause. During this investigation, Sprint will let customers exchange their Note 7 for any other device without waiting for any results. Recode also contacted T-Mobile, who says customers can use the existing buyer's remorse program to return a Note 7, but AT&T was not available for contact and Verizon declined to comment.

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Sales of the Note 7 were initially halted on September 2 after multiple reports of battery fires and explosions, and the device was officially recalled by the CPSC and Health Canada on September 15.

While many are confident that the issues surrounding the Note 7 have been properly addressed, taking care of your customers is always the best course of action. Those with genuine concerns now have an avenue to address them, at least on Sprint.

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