Sprint Nexus S 4G finally gets its Ice Cream Sandwich update

Sprint as announced the availability of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Nexus S 4G this afternoon. The version will be IMM76D, and it has the same 4.0.4 features as we've come to expect from the GSM versions of phones running it. Sprint hasn't gave an official timeline for when to expect the rollout, but we would suggest checking right about now to everyone who has been waiting. And don't forget -- if you get the update notice, hit one of the developers or forums advisers before you click anything if you want to help the community out by providing a download link.

For help getting back to stock, preparing for the OTA, or any questions about getting Ice Cream Sandwich on your NS4G officially, just hit the forums and holler. 

Source: Sprint; via +Steve McHenry

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Thanks for the mention, Jerry! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the tweet from Sprint!
  • Cue the angry Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners. Personally, I'm not mad because I'm already running 4.0.4. All I'm really looking forward to in the OTA are some improved radios. 4.0.4 leaked radios were actually worse for me, so I hope once Verizon does send an OTA to the G-Nex, it comes with better radios than the leak.
  • I am a really happy Galaxy Nexus owner. I bought a Nexus so that I could hopefully have the latest version of android on my device. I know it took them a while to get ICS to the Nexus S but it makes me hopeful that when Jelly Bean comes along, my Gnex will eventually get it.
  • I'm a Verizon Galaxy Nexus owner, and I'm not angry at all. I'm not sure why I should be, either.
  • Way to troll
  • as a gnex owner, I'm actually pretty pissed it's taken this long to get the update. what about me when jellybean (or whatever) comes out? will it take 5 months?
  • as a gnex owner, I'm actually pretty pissed it's taken this long to get the update. what about me when jellybean (or whatever) comes out? will it take 5 months?
  • I've been running it for a few days now and it's wonderful!
  • What about AT&T official OTA to 4.0.4? I guess we're SOL...
  • I just flashed Google's official recovery zip image the other day as an update over 2.3.6 because I got tired of waiting. Works perfectly without unlocked bootloader and/or being rooted. Be sure to do the i9020a version. http://code.google.com/android/nexus/images.html
  • I want to make sure I do this right since it isn't rooted or anything. Once I download it and extract the file and put it on the phone's SD card. Do I then boot it holding the volume keys and power and then what. Do update.zip? Thanks.
  • sorry for being a noob... but i am afraid i do this wrong and brick the phone... do you have exact steps? i already donwloaded the zipped file.
  • The i9020a is NOT the Sprint version of the phone. Those who try to apply that update to their Sprint NS4G will have serious problems.
  • I keep on checking my wife's Nexus S everyday hoping, but nothing yet...
  • Nothing yet on the west cost
  • Holy freaking hell it's about time
  • Screw the new EVOONE4GLTEHTCSPRINTKICKSTANDSUCKUGLYSQUAREPIGPHONE...I may just pick one of these up.
  • I got a box of Kleenex for you all. Wait just got word there's a bug in ics for sprint please stand by while we fix it. We promise it will b ready in 30days.
  • The Facotry image of ics that works with the nexus s for ATT has been uploaded by google to their OS page. http://code.google.com/android/nexus/images.html Quick unlock, fastbook, and a few commands and youre on your merry ics way!!! It took about 10 min to flash and now my sisters phone is set. I know everyone is expecting OTA right off the bat, but the carrier has push it to the masses. The update is there, by google, so just take a plunge and flash!!! And I have the vzw gnex and not worried about not having 4.0.4 yet, because to be honest, gnex owners has been spoiled with ics way before everyone else. And since the gsm gnex update is already up, its only a matter of time until the cdma version is up too! (They have to tweak the files for cdma). That being said, yes it would be nice to get update sent via OTA right away, but the official files are up, just do the update yourself. Glad NS4G is getting some attention now too!
  • h2, What is the difference between the factory image and the version 4.04 i downloaded last week to my phone via ODIN? The version i have on my phone is the same version sprint is releasing via OTA? This version runs very well and do i need to go back to stock and wait for the OTA?
  • E, Most files released by coders (coders at xda developers, etc) are the official files along with certain tweaks (radios, bloatware removed, etc) or leaked files along with said tweaks. If its running well, i wouldnt worry about it. Only difference i could think of might be that the OTA will have a different radio (official sprint radio) but like i said, if its running well, chances are it will be the same as tye OTA.
  • Thanks H2
  • 111 days from the original Dec 16th rollout to other Nexus S devices? It's about damn time. Just sayin!
  • "And don't forget -- if you get the update notice, hit one of the developers or forums advisers before you click anything if you want to help the community out by providing a download link." I don't understand. How exactly do I get a download link from the OTA notice?
  • I suspect the idea is to contact the appropriate people so that they can help you get the link for them.
  • It's in logcat. Plenty of apps in the Play Store that will allow you to read and save your logcat. Then you can search the text of your saved log for a google.com URL.
  • Where the Fakk is the ICS OTA Update for the Evo 3D .!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • has it been confirmed that this is exactly the same as the leak that was released a few days ago?
  • Sprint give the Nexus S 4G the ICS 4.0.4 update before the Galaxy S 2, come on!!! I thought the Epic 4G Touch was the flagship Phone... And this is how we're treated...!?! WOW Sprint... Really, Wow!!! Well Salt, Good for you Nexus user... Hope well get the update soon! I have a Nexus but the screen is damaged, so I started using my Epic 4G Touch... I was using ICS 4.0.3 up until about a hour ago... Trying to get ready for the Official release, so I'm back to stock
  • I'm itching for this update
  • You must be high if you believe the SGS 2 would get ICS before the Nexus
  • I thought that because it was a Samsung phone, that Samsung wouldn't made sure the Newer phone's got the update first... Cause as we all know, Samsung has a thing for forgetting about there loyal customers... lol, I uses to keep up with Android, but I've been on IOS for so long, I had got to the point I only checked in on Android every once in a while... Though I did just own a Photon 4G, and I really liked that phone.
  • The only reason I never stuck with it was because of the slow and fragmented upgrades from Manufacturers and Carriers.
  • The SGS2 DID get ICS before the Nexus S, as in the international sgs2. the gsm Nexus S only recently started getting ICS again.
  • Anyone gotten the update yet? I've "checked in" and still nothing.
  • I've had CM9 running on it for a while now. This is severely late and most people have already had ICS up and running on their NS4G. Also, it is actually kinda hard to screw up and brick the NS4G.
  • Does this version have free wifi tether?
  • Anybody know when the official update for galaxy ace will be release?
  • Oh geez, this is February all over again...
  • Has anyone in the continnental United States recieved this OTA update yet?
  • A few weeks, the next couple weeks, soon...is all I have heard for like the last 2 month. So that being said where is my update!?
  • Is anybody else still waiting for this update like I am? Can anybody share with us noobs how to install the OTA update on locked devices if that is possible. I just switched over to android in December and I would rather wait to root it. Also does it matter if some of the apps on my phone are not-so-legal? I am wondering if I should wipeout all of my apps now b4 updating.
  • Yeah, my wife is still waiting. If your phone is locked and unrooted then you have to wait for Sprint to push the OTA to you. They usually do it in waves over a couple of weeks. You can go to settings --> system updates and manually check for the update. You may or may not get lucky. Does it matter if some of your apps are "not-so-legal"... Why you got illegal stuff on your phone. Don't pirate apps, support the developers. That being said... I'm not exactly sure what you mean by illegal, but I'm assume your referring to pirated apps (i.e. stuff that cost money that you downloaded for free). If so, it doesn't matter. The OTA will update to the latest OS, but it shouldn't affect any of your apps. Sprint, Google, Andriod have no way of knowing where you got an app. They could tell that you didn't get it from the Play Store or maybe the Amazon AppStore, but there are lots of other places to legimately get apps. You might have gotten it from a legit alternative market like GetJar (which has lots of paid app for free btw), or an app developer may have sent it to you directly (for example if you won a contest or had some problem with your download). Don't worry about the OTA, but you should reconsider your pirating ways. Developers work hard and should be conpensated. Often they aren't big mega-corporations; they are "mom-&-pop" shops and computer science students. Apps are cheap, don't steal their money.
  • Just installed my OTA update!
  • yup, my friend here at work just updated OTA here in California. Now it's time for GSII Epic 4G Touch to get it! I'd be so stoked if they announced it this week.
  • Got the ICS OTA last night around 9pm eastern