Sprint Epic 4G

Rut ro. If you've been wondering why your Sprint Epic 4G hasn't yet received the over-the-air update to Froyo, it's because Sprint and Samsung have yanked it from the servers. Apparently a number of folks were having problems with data connectivity, or with the SD card -- or both. And while a hard-reset seemed to fix it, nobody wants to do that (Hi, mom!).

So, they pulled the update. Here's the official word:

There have been an increased number of calls into Care regarding issues with the Epic following the upgrade. As a result, the upgrade will not be pushed to more devices until a resolution for these issues is in place. The OTW update on the Samsung website will also be taken down.

Sprint and Samsung are actively working to correct these problems and release the update to all devices.

The issues being reported are related to data connectivity following the upgrade and SD card issues when attempting to access photos, music, etc. If you are experiencing these issues, a hard reset has been reported to resolve the problems. A hard reset will wipe out all the data on your device, so a backup should be done first.

That's no good, and let's hope Sprint and Sammy get their ducks in a row and get the update back up, pronto. [Sprint, via] More on the update in the Android Central Forums