I know, I know. Just hours ago we told you the Sprint + Google Voice party was going public on April 26. That hasn't changed.

What has changed is that this very writer of Android Central got his invite a little early, so I'm going to walk you through the (harmless) process of porting your number over.

(Pictures included!)

Join me after the break if you're curious as to what's going live in a mere five days.

It all starts with an e-mail.


You have been invited to start enjoying the benefits of the Sprint integration before anyone else!

One of two things is going to happen when you head to your Google Voice settings:

  1. You'll click on the "Port my number" link and it's going to ask you for $20 and warn you you'll terminate your wireless contract
  2. You'll be greeted with a popup window that walks you through everything

If Option 1 happens to you (as it originally did to me), don't fret. Google just got a little ahead of themselves and it'll be another 15 minutes. Eventually, you'll see this popup:

When you see this, you know good things are about to happen.

If you're like me and want to use your Sprint number as your Google Voice number, simply click the top link. Google will call your phone and ask for a two-digit verification number (which will be displayed on your browser's screen). All you need to do is enter that number on your phone and let Google do the rest.

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When it's all setup, your Voice Settings page on Google Voice will look a bit different. Your Sprint number proudly takes the place of your (former) Google Voice number, plus you get all sorts of Sprint logos thrown around, willy-nilly.

If you had a Google Voice number prior to making the switch, you get three free months remaining before it expires, so you'll still receive texts and calls there. Kudos to Google for giving us plenty of time to let people update our number.

But what about the MMS?

As wonderful as Google Voice is, we all know there is a glaring problem with the utter lack of MMS support. Being the responsible bloggers and sleuths we are, myself and our very own Jerry Hildenbrand took to both the stock app and Google Voice to see what we might uncover.

Our first test had Jerry sending me a text to my cell phone (and now Google Voice) number. What we found is that Google Voice receives the message by itself and your stock messaging app doesn't make a sound.

You'll notice my response was from the stock messaging app but still shows up in Google Voice. A bit of interesting, one-way trickery/black magic/voodoo Google has up their sleeves, to say the least.

Our next (and final) trick for the night had Jerry sending me a picture message to see if Google Voice would show a blank message. What we discovered, however, is that if you're receiving a MMS, the message bypasses Google Voice altogether and goes straight to the stock app. I sent him a reply (also from the stock app) and he received it, all from the one number I'm now using.

All in all, I've got to say I'm very impressed with the entire Sprint + Google Voice deal. Google Voice works just as well as it did before, but only having to use one number and getting to receive MMS just makes the deal all the sweeter.

So set your clocks folks, and hide yours kids, hide your wife, because come April 26th, we portin' everybody (well, Sprint users) out here.