Sprint dropped a press release about customer data usage at the big game and the ways they were able to provide enough of it.

Customers used almost 5TB of data inside and directly adjacent to the Houston stadium on February 5. That's three times as much as the 2016 Super Bowl and eight times more than the 2015 game. And the network speed was nothing to sneeze at, either.

Network speeds varied from 85 Mbps from the stands during overtime to 99 Mbps from the stands during the Lombardi award ceremony to 124 Mbps just outside the Verizon box suite during the fourth quarter. Nice jab at the competition there, Sprint. Let's hope it doesn't backfire. We're given no details on who performed the tests or how they were run.

We are told how Sprint was able to supply enough bandwidth for everyone with plenty to spare. Cell on Wheels (COW) and small cell site deployment was able to boost the capacity in and around NRG Stadium. Also, two- and three- channel aggregation on small cell sites played a role, as devices capable of using LTE-A spectrum bonding had access on wider bandwidth lanes to keep network congestion to a minimum.

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No matter which team you were rooting for last night, if you were a Sprint customer it sounds like you were a winner. If anyone was at last night's big game, jump into the comments and tell us all about your experience — Sprint or otherwise.

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