Sprint Welcome TuesdaysSource: Android Police

What you need to know

  • T-Mobile is finally initiating Sprint customers into its T-Mobile Tuesdays program.
  • The weekly program gives customers a variety of freebies.
  • Next week, which will be Sprint customers' first, features a fanny pack, Starbucks Rewards credit, and cheaper gas.

Now that Sprint's merger with T-Mobile has finally concluded, the former's subscribers can start enjoying the latter's weekly freebies, whether that's a free coffee from Starbucks, an Impossible Whopper or, my favorite, three months of Stadia Pro for free.

As Android Police reports, Sprint users are finally starting to see the disclaimer informing them that the company was sorting out a few details being replaced with a message welcoming them to the family. If you're a Sprint user — or an existing T-Mobile subscriber who's been missing out on the fun so far — you too can #GetThanked by downloading the T-Mobile Tuesdays app here.

Next week's inaugural freebies for Sprint (and T-Mobile) subscribers include a fanny pack, Starbucks Rewards credits, and cheaper gas prices.

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