Sprint adds Evo 4G, 111,000 net subscribers in the second quarter

Sprint this morning announced its second-quarter earnings, and more than a few investors likely had to be picked up off the floor after learning that the carrier had a net gain in subscribers for the first time in three years.

We'll let that soak in for a second. Sprint gained more subscribers than it lost. For the first quarter in three years. (That's, like, a lot of quarters.) There were a total of 111,000 subscribers gained in Q2, which also happens to be when the Evo 4G, Sprint's largest (and currently best) Android smartphone was released.

Money-wise, Sprint saw $8 billion in revenue but a net loss of $760 million, which it attributes to some long-winded financial thingy you can read all about if you want. [Sprint]

Phil Nickinson
  • I like how you wrote in there "Currently best", makes me even more proud to be an EVO owner.
  • Not to "bust" your bubble, but I believe the "Currently Best" comment was that it is currently Sprint's best Android phone, not the best android phone available...
  • I hate to busrt YOUR bubble but that's what he was talking about. Sprint's best Android phone and arguably the best Android phone out today. The Galaxy S and Droid X are it's only competitors and it's a close call. It comes down to personal preference and where you live, if you live in a 4G area, EVO wins.
  • Sprint's best Android phone can arguably be called the best phone period as well, at least from a feature standpoint. Largest screen, two cameras, 720p recording, HDMI out, WiFi hotspot, 4G, FM radio, and 8 MP camera. No other phone can boast that feature list. Sure, calling it "the best" is going to factor in things like the OS and app availability to performance of aforementioned features, but all the tools are there.
  • Called it...their up word swing was slow coming but finally its hear. I'm sure Dan Hesse is happy. Keep up the momentum, keep your prices down and keep getting awesome devices.
  • Sprint lost contract customers. They had a slight net gain because they are becoming heavier and heavier on prepaid.
    Prepaid (non contract) customers jump all around and are less valuable than Sprint's Sero customers.
    I don't see continued losses in contract, smartphone, and high value customers as good news.
  • Wrong. "Sprint gained a total of approximately 111,000 net subscribers in the quarter. Demand for smartphones like HTC EVO(TM) 4G and BlackBerry(R) Curve(TM) - combined with Sprint's best ever postpaid churn of 1.85 percent - led to positive net postpaid subscriber growth of 136,000 on the CDMA network and 285,000 for the Sprint brand, and best ever year-over-year quarterly net postpaid subscriber loss improvement of 763,000. The company achieved its best year-over-year quarterly improvement in postpaid gross subscriber additions in more than five years."
  • You are math challenged "clue." You are incorrect, they lost post paid. Do the math form the actual report. Net gain was 111,000. NET LOSSES of (post paid) CONTRACT customers. And the chart is not gains, but "loss improvement" which is decreases in losses, not end of losses. They LOST both net and share of contract customers
  • "Thats like a a lot of quarters" lmao . . . but good job Sprint... Not sure I expected them to bounce back so early though
  • "Some long-winded financial thingy you can read all about if you want" That was awesome.
  • Go Sprint!!!
  • Great job Sprint. They have the best prices for plans even with the extra $10. With all you get you can't complain at all.
  • Yeah and there service is better than AT&T. I just canceled my service with AT&T and IPhone last week (and 5 months before my contract was up). I had them before switching to AT&T for an IPhone, and wish i hadn't in the first place. I had more dropped calls, and poor reception in that year and a half with AT&T, than I had in 6 years with Sprint. And unlike the other carriers 1) They don't try and nickel and dime you on everything (like T Mobile), and 2) they don't charge an outrageous amount for quality service (Verizon). Sprint really is an all around good service. Took a road trip years ago from MA to Iowa, and wound up being the only person in the car with any reception at all once we got out of MA.
  • I wonder how many more net subscribers they would have gained if people didn't have to look under rocks for Evos for a month or so.
  • I'm guessing about 50 to 100 thousand more. Keep bringing those powerful devices Sprint and you will see more and more growth.
  • I'm sure the numbers would have looked better also if they weren't saddled with the Nextel losses.
  • The losses of subscribers are the sprint in-contract costumer side
  • Sprint lost in-contract iDen customers mostly. They gained CDMA customers.
  • i'd guess somewhere in the 45-75K range had there not been the EVO shortage. this is why Sprint needs to get the Epic out asap so that there's multiple choices of great handsets available on Sprint.
  • Yes they should have had more phones to sell. But all companies seem to do that. I am glad they are on the up swing. Hope it continues.
  • should keep growing with the samsung epic coming more power then the evo
  • if there was no nextel on there the gain would be 900,000 subscribers plus... and I expect an even better quarter this quarter thanks to the Epic 4g coming out and hopefully more Evo's coming available,
  • Patently false. did you even read the last two q reports? They NET lost SPRINT contract subscribers.
  • lets break down the numbers shall we: Post paid:
    CDMA (SPRINT) +136,000
    iDEN -364,000
    Total 228,000 Loss yeah a NET but it's iDEN, Pre paid:
    CDMA +638,000
    iDEN -465,000
    Total 173,000 Gain Wholesale Subs
    CDMA +166,000
    no report for iDEN Grand total:
    CDMA +940,000
    iDEN -829,000
    Total 111,000 Gain Therefore if you take out IDEN which is what I stated it is a GAIN of 940,000 subscribers, there is the facts. Now that has nothing to do with the financials at all, but Sprint CDMA is growing and fairly nicely if I do say so myself...
  • HOLY SHIT. I know it's not too many subscribers they picked up when you compare it to how many AT&T and Verizon added, but 111,000 customers is still a substantial amount of subscribers to gain- especially for Sprint! I never thought I'd say this, but maybe Dan Hesse does know what he's doing! Good work, Sprint!
  • where is my FROYO??? Verizon is rolling it out like crazy to the droid's but when do we get it?
  • Evo 4G in the house.
  • Awesome!
  • root your phone and you too can have Froyo. i love sprint my internet was down for like a week had to use my evo i used over 28gb of data and guess what no extra charge. what would have that cost at atat with a iphone
  • Well this is fantastic news. I've been w/ Sprint for over 10years. Have always had good voice/data service, great pricing, and horrible customer service (on the phone only, I can deal with that though.) And, have been pulling horrendous amounts of data (>5gb), monthly, for years, via PDAnet; and they have NEVER complained (nor charged me more than $15). I love Sprint. I love my Evo. I love getting 1Mbps on my laptop via my Evo/PDAnet almost where ever I am...for basically nothing extra per month (except for my shiny new $10/month Evo data charge). Verizon is good but will charge you till u bleed (and limit your data usage). AT&T will never recover from being the sole iPhone network, and will limit your usage, and they've never been that great anyway. All others (except Sprint) aren't even in the same league.
  • Good for Sprint... It'll be interesting to see whether the rate of new subscribers dips if the Epic doesn't launch in time to make it to the next successive quarter. I'd hope not, there's probably a decent amount of people out there still trying to get their EVOs. I switched from AT&T for the EVO and I couldn't be happier, 'specially after AT&T decided to cap their data plans (2GB is WAY too little for me, 5GB would be alright). My family will probably have one more member switching from AT&T to Sprint in the coming months... And the rest are being tempted. I don't understand why Sprint isn't huge in Puerto Rico... There's no Verizon (they sold their stake here a few years back), and T-Mo doesn't have 3G coverage at all (they've only been down here for a year or so). Their only competition is AT&T, literally, the regional carriers have mostly been bought up by AT&T; yet AT&T's customer base is still massive compared to Sprint's.
  • IMO I say EVO is currently the beat out there bcause even the dx which is a good device has a few things missing that the EVO has n the EVO has everything that dx has n plus so I see it as the EVO been the best out there again in my opinion
  • The boys over at Engadget LOVE to give people the most negative view on Sprint possible... notice the headline title. http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/28/sprint-reports-760-million-net-loss-f...
  • I think it's great that Sprint is adding customer's . I feel they are the best company to go with .