Spotify's fast and simple Lite app debuts in 36 markets

What you need to know

  • Spotify has introduced a lighter version of its Android app, called Spotify Lite.
  • The new app is only 10MB in size and promises to deliver the same great experience as the main app but adds the ability to set a data limit and control the cache.
  • Spotify Lite is now available for download in 36 markets across Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa.

Spotify has finally launched a lighter and simplified version of its Android app for users with older devices or limited data plans. The new Spotify Lite app is now available in 36 markets across the world on Google Play for all Android phones running version 4.3 or higher. Both free and Spotify Premium users can download and use the Spotify Lite app either independently or alongside the main Spotify app.

Spotify Lite supports all the usual features such as the ability to search and play your favorite songs, saving them, sharing music with friends, discovering new music, as well as personalized playlists. However, it can deliver a much smoother experience on older devices as it is just 10MB in terms of size and lets users clear their cache with just a single tap. Spotify Lite also allows users to set a specific data limit and receive a notification once that limit is reached.

Similar to many other "Lite" apps out there, Spotify Lite has been designed to work on limited bandwidth as well. In terms of design, the Spotify Lite app comes with Favorites instead of libraries, so that's where you will find all your saved songs and playlists. Needless to say, any changes that you make to your Spotify account in the Lite app will save in the main Spotify app, and vice versa.

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Babu Mohan
News Writer