Spotify and Hulu can now be purchased together for just $12.99/month

In the world of streaming services, Spotify's the top dog when it comes to music and Hulu's one of the most popular for TV/movies. Just like the winning combos of PB + J and ketchup + mayo, Spotify and Hulu are now joining forces so you can subscribe to both platforms for one monthly fee.

For just $12.99/month, you'll get access to Spotify Premium and Hulu's base plan that includes limited commercials. Billing is handled through Spotify, and compared to subscribing to both services individually for a combined cost of $17.99/month, you're looking at a savings of $5 every month.

If you already have Spotify Premium and either never subscribed to Hulu or canceled your account at least 12 months ago, you can pay $0.99/month extra for three months of Hulu before making the jump to the full $12.99 fee.

This offer is similar to the Spotify + Hulu student bundle that was released last September that costs just $4.99/month for both services, and while this new package isn't quite as amazing, it's still a great deal for people that already use both services anyways. Current Spotify Premium customers can sign up for it right now, and it'll roll out to everyone during the summer.

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Joe Maring

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