Update: Well that was fast! The coupons have exceeded their limits and are no longer valid. Stay tuned for more in the future!

Spigen is offering a variety of its HTC 10 cases for just $2.99 at Amazon when using a coupon code. Since the HTC 10 is not even officially available yet, now is a perfect time to buy a case so that you have it when your phone arrives. Whether you are looking for something clear, thin or with lots of protection, there is an option for just about everyone here.

Spigen HTC 10

To make it even sweeter, Spigen is offering free shipping on these orders, even if you don't have Amazon Prime. When making your purchase, you will want to make sure that you are selecting Spigen as the seller, not Spigen fulfilled through Amazon in order to get the savings here.

These coupons won't last long, so be sure to get your order in before it is too late! Which case did you pick up? Let us know in the comments.

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