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Sphero's BB-8 gets voice command support on Android

When it first hit store shelves, BB-8 by Sphero lacked support for voice commands through an Android device. That problem has now been remedied, with an update to the BB-8 app now making its way through the Google Play Store with support for voice interaction.

Getting started with voice commands is fairly straightforward. Open the Settings screen and switch Voice Commands to on. From there, you can interact with your little droid using your voice, such as the "go explore" command, which puts BB-8 into its patrol mode.

This latest update to the BB-8 app also fixes some communication bugs between phones and droids, and adds compatibility for several more Android phones and tablets. You can grab the update for the app from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab).

Order the Sphero BB-8{.cta .large.nofollow}

  • Great, now if mine would show up. Ordered it the day it was available, still waiting for it to ship! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I ordered mine from Amazon. Just got the estimated ship date. Sometime between 11/23 and 12/08. That's a long time to wait. I might look around for a quicker option but leave my Amazon order open just in case. *The boy you trained, gone he is. Consumed by Darth Vader.*
  • Voice command is working great, so much fun! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wish it wasn't so damn pricey Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yea, I got it at best buy with 10% off and rewards money. Worked out perfectly. Posted via the Android Central App
  • $150, thinking of cashing in my CC rewards to buy one, or waiting a couple months for the holiday sales or used ones to go up online. Would like to see the schematics and build a life sized one with a soccer ball. Building a life size R2D2 cost over $10K not including a few months work, or $30K to have someone build it for you
  • Got mine, but they won't be opened for about three more months ;-) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well that didn't take long.
  • This is really cool I hope it paves the way for similar products like this. Anyone see that Millennium Falcon drone that's coming out? That thing makes me drool lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm probably going to order one for my Note 4 to play with. I know my Galaxy will be happy :-D
    Are there any issues with the Note 4?
    I want the Force with ME! Posted via Android Central App
  • For what it's worth, queue the Sprint jokes, I logged into my account to pay my bill and was advised that Sprint had them in stock. Granted, this won't be of any value to most people, but if your on Sprint and want one ASAP, it's an option, though I can't speak to the accuracy of their inventory, but I'd imagine it's on par with their coverage, or lack there of, in certain parts of the country.
  • Will the ones from Sprint work with phones that aren't from Sprint? I'd like to get one, but I don't use Sprint. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Of course. There's no way that Sprint could rig this to be different for other carriers' phones. Posted via Galaxy S6
  • Are sprint the ones that don't use sim cards, but just use locked CDMA phones instead? Or is that Verizon? If it is I'm sure they tried lol. Wubba lubba dub dub!
  • Sprint and Verizon both use CDMA, but it's Verizon that has its phones unlocked out of the box. I seriously doubt they would try forcing their bloatware on a remote control Star Wars toy, though. Posted via Galaxy S6
  • Might have a tramp stamp though... Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • Thanks....Your last sentence made me laugh: "I seriously doubt they would try forcing their bloatware on a remote control Star Wars toy, though." However, part of me is seriously hoping they would lock it down, only to have it blow up in their faces. Some little kid gets it for Christmas only to find out that his BB8 laughs at him, refusing to do anything because he is using a TMobile branded tablet. Imaging if Sprint got branded as the one carrier that was successfully able to ruin Star Wars and Regarding the possible tramp stamp....I can't imagine Sphero would be all too eager to make one exclusively for Sprint when they have so many other retail outlets that will sell more. I was just surprised that Sprint was selling it as an accessory at all. I almost would've bought one right then if I could've billed it to my account.
  • I was speaking of Verizon, sprint doesn't put there logo on a lot of things... Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll