Sphero introduces an all new form factor with the Sphero 2B

New form factor brings interchangeable parts and more

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Sphero has drawn a ton of attention with their little robotic balls that were controlled by Android devices, and today they have announced an addition to the family. With the Sphero 2B they have brought a bunch of changes to the device with a whole new form factor, and the ability to change various parts like the hubcaps, wheels, and tires. Having two main points of contacts the Sphero 2B is able to turn on a dime, and offers some crazy speed along with the ease of maneuverability. 

In addition to the new hardware Sphero has also launched seven new applications for CES, which now brings their total up to 35 different titles. In addition to being able to play with this by yourself you can use the built in infrared technology for player vs player or multiplayer game play as well. Priced at $100 the Sphero 2B will start shipping in Fall 2014. If you want to be among the first to have one be sure to hit the link below to reserve your spot, and stay tuned right here to see if we can check one of these out live from Las Vegas.

Source: Sphero

Today, we're excited to announce a new addition to the Sphero family. Meet Sphero 2B!

Sphero 2B takes on a new form factor, drives like it’s from the future, comes with interchangeable parts like tires and hubcaps for different terrain, and will launch with accessories for advanced gameplay. Powered with AI Superdrive capabilities, 2B is unreasonably fast and maneuverable. With only two points of contact, 2B can turn on a dime, launch off steep inclines, and tumble unlike anything you’ve seen.

Sphero 2B is also made for open play and is designed to inspire future inventors like Sphero's young co-founders. And just like Sphero Original, Sphero 2B offers awesome new ways to play. We've added built-in infrared technology that will offer interactive player vs. player and multiplayer games.



Unique Driving, Multiplayer Games, Programming

Body Styles

Black or White


Durable Polycarbonate Body

Interchangeable Parts

Wheels, Tires, and Hubcaps


Up to 14 ft/s


Bluetooth LE (30m)

Compatibility & Programmability

iOS & Android with SDK’s available


USB Cable   

How to Get Sphero 2B

Starting today, you can reserve your place in line to be the first to own the newest Sphero robot at GoSphero.com/2B. Sphero 2B will be available worldwide for under $100 (US) starting in Fall 2014. 2B accessories and customizable parts will be announced at a later date.

And.....what's new with Sphero2.0? 

With 7 new apps launched for CES, now totaling over 35, Orbotix continues to deliver on it's promise to provide the world with it's first consumer friendly robot made for games. Come check out advancements in Augmented Reality as you take the stage in Sphero Studios.  Also, get a hands-on experience of what Sphero is offering to classrooms around the world in the Sphero EDU corner.

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