Spectrum outage finally ends after nearly ten hours

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Spectrum Logo (Image credit: Spectrum)

Update, July 30 (6:40 am ET): The issue now appears to have been fixed

What you need to know

  • Spectrum customers across the U.S. are having problems with internet connectivity.
  • Southern California is badly hit by the outage, and areas in New York, Texas, Atlanta, and Florida are also affected.
  • Spectrum says it is investigating the issue.

Spectrum customers are facing issues with internet connectivity, with outages reported across the U.S. Southern California seems to be particularly badly hit by the outage, according to Down Detector:

Spectrum outage

Source: Down Detector (Image credit: Source: Down Detector)

Users in New York, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, and St. Louis are also facing issues with the service. Spectrum has acknowledged that it is aware of an outage affecting several areas, and that it is investigating the issue:

This isn't the first time Spectrum had issues this year, with the ISP hit with a widespread outage back in March. We don't know when the issue is expected to be fixed, but we will post an update once we know more.

Update, July 30 (6:40 am ET) — The outage is now over

The issues with Spectrum appear to have been fixed now, although the company hasn't released any statement yet on what exactly caused the outage. While there are still a few complaints regarding internet outages on DownDetector, things are now up and running in most cities.

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