SoundHound now offering free, unlimited music recognition

SoundHound, one of a few music identification services out there has announced it will now be providing free, unlimited music IDs from here on out. The application is still supported by ads so if you're looking to get rid of those, they do still offer an upgrade without them as well as a few other features. But if you don't mind the ads all that much you are more then welcome to continue using the free version in it's newly founded unlimited fashion. So next time you're stuck on needing to know that tune, you know where to turn. Hit the break for the download link. [via UberGizmo]

  • Lets see how long until Shazam follows suit. I've always preferred SoundHound. To me, they're more accurate and faster.
  • I'm still grandfathered into unlimited use of Shazam. But I'm annoyed at how long it takes Shazam to launch and tag. Your chances of actually catching some snippit of song are often slim to none. Going to give SoundHound a try. The fact you can hum or sing to Soundhound makes it a clear winner over Shazam.
  • I'm in the very same boat... and for some reason Shazam's widget often doesn't work when you tap on it. I don't know if it's LauncherPro or just Shazam. What I really want to know, though, is whether Soundhound can store songs for later tagging if you lose data connection like Shazam can...
  • Yes, SoundHound will hold onto them until later and continue to try and connect until it is able to send the data. Excellent app.
  • I agree, it takes some finesse to launch and catch a song using Shazam. But when using a shortcut combined with QuickDesk, I'm usually pretty quick to the draw :)
  • Love Soundhound best music recognition app out in the Android universe.
  • May give this a try...
  • Sweet, guess it's time to check it out. I been with Shazam a while but definitely not paying for unlimited tags... it is slow to launch like someone else said. I have actually missed the end of a song I wanted due to how long it takes.
  • Just wish sound hound had a widget. I have both apps but use shazam more cause the widget is one touch and works instantly. Sound hound does the humming though.
  • Er...Soundhound has a widget...
  • Um... no, it doesn't. I just installed and there's absolutely no widget.
  • The newest version should have a widget. The old version would only have the widget in the paid version, as well as the unlimited tags. Since there are now ads, the paid version has become the free version with ads.
  • Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling..still no widget. I have version 2.3.3b, if that matters. What version do you guys have? Perhaps you can share your apks..
  • Wow, just a few days ago skipped on this cuz i didnt want to pay for it
  • i have been using Vcast Song ID because it was free, But will have to try this out. Sounds good.
  • There is a widget for Soundhound. I use it.
  • Is it a separate app download?
  • It shows up in my widget list. It wasn't there before the latest update
  • Still no widget for me...very weird. I've got version 2.3.3b, btw.
  • Soundhound definitely better than Shazam. ALOT FASTER!! And Soundhound widget work alot better. Try them both, I believe most would agree.
  • Maybe you can't see the widget because it's installed to sd card? I know quite few apps that wont let you use widget because it's on your sd card. idk just a thought.
  • Mine's installed to the phone...still no widget. I don't get it. Unrooted Nexus One running Froyo.
  • To everyone that is able to use a widget... do you have the full PAID version? Wondering if the widget is only for those that pay the $5.