Xperia X Compact

Update: The Xperia XZ is now a bit cheaper than when we first posted this deal, dropping to $499; that deal is also available in all colors.

Original story: Everyone is getting together for a day of deals, which is to be expected after several other days of deals. Sony's Cyber Monday offerings have launched, and if you're looking at an[Xperia phone as your next there are a couple of compelling offers available. Here's what Sony has to offer!

Sony's phones have earned a bit of praise this year for delivering decent cameras and the great battery capacity that used to be considered standard. The Xperia X Compact, which is by far the best deal available on Sony's Cyber Monday deals, is a much more reasonably priced option at this lowered cost. Despite the 720p display and lack of a fingerprint sensor, Sony's phones have a history of both quality performance and a unique setup for unlocking and rooting if you're interested in a more technical adventure.

You can check out any of the links above to order immediately, or head to Amazon and see all of Sony's offerings!

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