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Sony's Xperia Compact series could soon make a comeback to take on the Pixel 4a

New Sony Xperia Compact Leaked Render
New Sony Xperia Compact Leaked Render (Image credit: @OnLeaks)

What you need to know

  • Sony is apparently going to resurrect its Xperia Compact line sometime later this year.
  • The upcoming Xperia Compact phone will have a 5.5-inch screen and a dual-camera setup on the back.
  • Sony's last "Compact" Xperia phone was announced in February 2018.

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 12 Mini – offering some of the best features of its more expensive models in a much smaller form factor. While there is no true alternative to the iPhone 12 Mini in the Android world, that could change soon. Reliable leaker @OnLeaks has posted the first renders of Sony's upcoming "Compact" Xperia phone, which will be released sometime later this year.

As you can see in the renders below, the upcoming Xperia Compact phone will have a waterdrop notch at the top and a huge chin at the bottom. The phone is tipped to feature a 5.5-inch display, slightly larger than the iPhone 12 mini's 5.4-inch panel. While it won't be nearly as compact as the iPhone 12 Mini, it will still be a lot smaller than most other Android phones currently on sale.

On the back of the phone will be a dual-camera setup featuring a 13MP main sensor. The resolution of the secondary sensor, however, remains unknown at this point. For selfies, the phone will have an 8MP shooter on the front. The renders also reveal the phone will come with a capacitive fingerprint sensor embedded within the power button on the side, along with a dedicated camera shutter button. Like Google's Pixel 4a, which is currently among the best cheap Android phones on the market, the next Xperia Compact will include a 3.5mm headphone jack as well.

Sadly, the rest of the key tech specs of the next Xperia Compact phone are yet to be revealed. Going by the design and camera specs, however, it doesn't look like it will be a flagship-grade device.

Babu Mohan
Babu Mohan
  • This could sell well, there's such a dirth of small phones around.
  • I think you mean "dearth", as in "lack of" or "lacking"...
  • Sony phones have a pretty poor history of working with WiFi calling on various US carriers. I would consider the compact if it worked with WiFi calling on T-Mobile. I work in the basement of a large business and need WiFi calling to have service regardless of which carrier I am using. Until their phones support that I will stick with Pixel phones which seem to work with whatever carrier configuration you can throw at it. And what is with the weird design choice of the front? Why not have the larger bezel on top with no tear drop and have minimal bezel on the bottom? Maybe they feel this balances it out?
  • This is good news, if true. Loved my Xperia XZ2 but had to move on to something more up-to-date last spring. Since Samsung has clearly abandoned the 'E" series (like my current S10e), as well as headphone jacks and removable memory, guess I'll be going back to Sony for my next compact phone.
  • Knowing Sony, they'd probably price it to the equivalent value of tiger blood and unicorn tears and several bitcoins... 😒