Sony's PlayStation Network is back up after suffering major outage

PS5 With Controller
PS5 With Controller (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

Update, April 27 (7:04pm ET): It appears that all PSN services are back up and running.

What you need to know

  • Users are reporting that the PlayStation Network is down.
  • Sony's official PSN status website acknowledges that all services have been affected.
  • It's unknown when everything will be back up and running.

Sony's PlayStation Network has suffered a major outage today. There has been a large spike on Down Detector with users reporting problems across multiple PSN services. "PlayStation Network" has even started trending on Twitter as users flock to the social network site to see if others are having issues.

The official PSN status website indicates that every service has been hit, from account management to gaming and social. If you're trying to sign into your account right now, odds are you can't.

Psn All Services Down

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

These issues seem to be affecting all platforms, from PC sign-in to PS4, PS5, and even the PS Vita. PlayStation has yet to acknowledge the problems, but a fix should be on its way, though an estimated restoration time in unknown.

Unfortunately, there isn't much on your end you can do when the PlayStation Network is down. This is a Sony problem that only it can fix. You can always try to access your games offline, but they aren't guaranteed to work as many require internet connections.

It's uncommon that every PSN service is affected like this, so hopefully it won't last long. It's been difficult to buy a PS5 this year, but people who have managed to get one really want to be playing it whenever they can, especially with games like Resident Evil Village and Returnal on the horizon.

We'll keep you updated should Sony make a statement regarding the outage and a restoration time. All you can do for now is sit back and relax until everything is up and running again.

Update, April 27 (7:04pm ET) — PSN is back up

Though Sony hasn't publicly acknowledged the situation, it appears that the PlayStation Network is no longer down. Its support website indicates that all services should be up and running. I can confirm that I am able to sign into my account and play games on my PS5.

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