Sony's new Google TV set-top box available for pre-order at a modest $199

The Sony NSZ-GS7, their new Google TV set-top box, is up for pre-orders at the J&R website. The name may be difficult to remember, but the $199 price-tag makes up for it. One of our biggest complaints about the Logitech Revue was the original price, and it's nice to see second generation units checking in at a lower price point. 

The NSZ-GS7 will ship with the latest version of Google TV, has a pretty slick remote with a QWERTY on one side and a trackpad/button combo on the other. Sony has also shown they will stand behind and support their GTV units, so we're itching to have a look at these again, in the comfort of our own living rooms. If you are as well, hit the link below for pre-order information.

Pre-order the NSZ-GS7 at J&R. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I honestly don't even remember hearing about this... hopefully Google has some interesting updates for GTV to announce during I/O . . .because I still see no reason to get one.
  • I've owned the Revue since the price dropped to $99 and let me say, I LOVE IT. I've been trying to find another GTV for my other tv but can't find anything under $100.
    Things I love about gtv
    (a) Using my phone as remote control for both my receiver and tv
    (b) Access to Netflix, Amazon Instant
    (c) Access to Music stream (pandora etc...)
    (d) Photos on picasa
    (e) Wallpapers and few games
    (f) Free long distance video chat :)
    (g) My tv content categorized and ability to search starting soon movies, and movie cover art.
    (h) YouTube leanback is awesome (create playlists and trending)
    (i) DVR is a non issue since my gtv records using my cable tv dvr (Linked and synced)
    and much more... Above options not worth $99? Did I mention I love GTV? Specially if your a techie, not having GTV aka smart tv is a shame, tv w/o gtv feels 90's lol
    But, I don't understand why we have this sony with a $200 price tag? Seriously, get rid of the remote, I'll use my phone and bring the price under $100 and I'll buy.
  • Ebay has plenty of Logitech Revue units available under $100 USD.
  • can I trade in my "janky" Revue???????
  • I'm pretty close to digitizing all of my dvd/blurays, and have been on the hunt for a good network streaming option that plays iso files. If Sony still trusts GTV, I may give this a look.
  • Plex is probably the best option at this time, though I don't think it'll do iso files.
  • Definitely does ISO files... At least on a computer. Don't have a Google TV so can't vouch for that.
  • I havent done any ISO files, but there is a good chance now that the revue has 3.2 that it could play it. It now has HLS support which opened up a lot of different formats for play via Plex that were previously unplayable. I love my Revue and really hope Google sticks with this and that this Sony box increases sales because I couldnt imagine a world where they didnt exist.
  • I'm waiting on the Sony NSZ-GP9 (same thing as above but includes BluRay). I don't see any reason to abandon BluRay just yet.
  • i dont watch bluray nearly enough to need anything more than the original. the ps3
  • This got me to thinking, seriously Google if you want to give Google TV a Jolt enable it on the PS3 (or Xbox but i'm not sure Microsoft would be on board). I've already got a keyboard for my PS3 that I need something to use it for, this would be perfect.
  • Google if you are reading then, this idea definitely has merit and would HUGELY expand market and mind share. Sony if you are reading, this is the only way I would buy a Sony gaming system.
  • I agree, surely the PS3 has the necessary hardware to support everything the GoogleTV can do. If not... PLEASE integrate GoogleTV into your next console Sony. The less devices I have plugged into my TV or receiver the better!
  • I agree with this 100%!! I have enough devices to plug in so if Sony integrates GTV with their next console they would be my heroes!
  • I don't own any bluray at all. But I also have no interest in "Google TV". The biggest problem with it is that it isn't a DVR, which makes it pretty useless to me. Instead, I have a TiVo Premiere. It is a great DVR, and a so-so Netflix/Youtube device. But it is also a great media player for my digital stuff (with a third-party addon called "PyTiVo"). But that is a good price on the Sony, and quite a wicked looking remote.
  • It's a very sexy little unit to have next to your TV, IMO....and as a big fan of Sony's hardware, it would look great next to my PS3. Maybe, since Sony has proven their willingness to update it's actually time to buy into a GTV! And at $200, the price is just right!
  • GTV is crap, they should just use the R&D money to further expand ICS to TVs and start doing what these guys have been doing in house... I have Revue and a PS3 and to tell you the truth the ONLY times I even turn GTV on is to show house guest some pics through picasa or launch a stream of FAIL videos in the background during a party. PS3 is my main go-to for Hulu+, Netflix and Amazon... so far GTV apps have been complete carp overall.
  • Just pre-ordered mine.
    I have really gotten attached to my Revue, for all its sluggishness and quirkyness. The TV/Movies app that pulls in from my cable is much better than the horridly outdated Time Warner channel navigation. And the ability to access my sizable local media through Plex with no issue is not to be scoffed at.
    So the opportunity to get a updated hardware piece is something I can't not jump at.
  • I was just about to scream. I just bought the previous Sony GTV NSG-MR1 for $250, but the one I bought includes a Blu-Ray player, which I have a ton of Blu-ray dvds. I thought the iTV was stupid without a DVD player and I stick with my assessment. DVds arent completely dead and I'd like to still be able to watch the ones I own and not throw them away like my old VHS. I love my new GTV box. It uses my Verizon FIOS DVR and connects to everything in my Google account. Was annoyed when I couldn't watch Google Movies on my GTV through the Movie app, but found the rentals in the Youtube app. I want the new remote though.
  • Build it into the TVs...
  • I disagree. Separating the two makes upgrading your hardware much easier without being forced to buy a new expensive TV.
  • Still waiting on the $99 Vizio VAP430.
  • Yeah! Where did that go?
    Haven't heard a peep about it in months!
  • As a Revue owner, why would I want to buy one of these. What does it do that a Revue doesn't? I haven't had any issues with my Revue, everything works and I'm not sitting around waiting for stuff. So why would I want to shell out $200 for this?
  • it probably works... my revue crashes all the time... I had to keep myself from throwing it... its now sitting in the box in a closet
  • Let me buy it from you for $25???
  • I would really like to get a Google tv but why pay $200 for this when I can just get a roku 2 for $70. Also with roku I can use hulu plus, last I had hears the Google tv did not have hulu. I like my roku but the UI is pretty bad
  • 1. logitech revue is awful with updates
    sony gives gtv users updates 2. roku will be dead in 2 years.... most people don't know what a roku does
    android will be around for years 3. gtv has most of the market apps available out of the box
    roku does not 4. gtv has a lot of potential for development
    roku does not 5. android rocks
    buying a roku is like buying a webTV... dead before you open the box i wouldn't buy a roku unless they started using android... but then it wouldn't be a roku, so i guess I would never buy a roku lol
  • Your argument makes no sense.. The only people who don't know what a Roku does also dont know what Googlt TV does. Btw, Roku has sold well over a million in the US and now sells internationally. Not dead by far.
  • My house is OTA only, and for me to buy one of these boxes it MUST, I repeat MUST, have provision for an OTA tuner and DVR functionality! No discussion! I dont do Netflix, I have used Hulu maybe twice since it was introduced. Maybe it isn't aimed at me .
  • Anybody know anything about which codecs are officially supported?
  • At twice the price of Apple TV, this thing is dead in the water already. I'm an Android user and I still think that. OEMs need to learn that regular folk look at things like price. And if there's no brand recognition they expect to pay less. If it was $99 you could market it as an Android smartphone accessory. These kinds of prices is exactly why GTV is getting killed in the marketplace. Next up, companies like Sony should be building in GTV directly into their TVs. Not making separate boxes. But again, if made as a standalone device, it should be $99. The remote looks horrendous. Really, sell the thing as an Android add-on and advertise the remote app. The remote can be sold separately if necessary.
  • I totally agree. I like my Revue, but only because I got it at $99, not its original price. I don't get why they are pricing GTV boxes so much higher than Apple TV, Roku, and Boxee. It doesn't make any sense. And it's not going to go anywhere until it comes down in price.
  • I have a ps3 and it pretty much does all I need it just added amazon on demand too!
    full web browser (which needs to be updated though its only running IE6 :( )
    3D movies, games
    blu ray
    free games like dc universe ( 18GB just to play) and Dust 514 FPSMMO
    playstation Home
    official support till 2016 (other blu ray players only support up 2 yrs) pretty much only benefit from gtv would be really full web browser and
    all things google but I still want one but i wouldn't buy this only maybe if it had a better GPU than Revue but I doubt it. so i would still buy a revue anyone know? hit me up please
  • Sorry Sony, missed the mark on the pricing, too expensive. The remote is nice, but I still wouldn't pitch more than $130 USD for the kit, unless I'm missing something about features aside from GTV and the remote. Most folks are going to look at the $200 USD price and say "Why would I want that?" Price it lower and instead they'll say "That's a good price. I want that!"