Sony Xperia T appears in promo shot with AT&T branding

Last week we learned all about Sony's new flagship smartphones at IFA 2012, however there was nothing offered in the way of U.S. release information. Today that may have changed, as the Sony's new international flagship, the Xperia T, has appeared in a promotional photo bearing AT&T's globe logo.

The image comes from UK retailer Phones4U, which has published it alongside a number of shots of the European Xperia T. That phone has Sony's Xperia branding under the screen, while the final promotional image swaps it out for the U.S. carrier's logo. Also of note is the back of this AT&T Xperia T, which is split up into three segments. On the international version, which we saw at IFA last week, the phone's back panel is smooth, with no dividers at the top or bottom. One possible reason for this design change might be to enable 4G LTE connectivity.

In any case, we've reached out to AT&T for comment, and we'll update this post with any info they provide.

Source: Phones4U; Thanks, Paolo!

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  • cool
  • Love, LOVE, my Galaxy Nexus (and previous Nexus S and Nexus One), but unless the next Nexus phone comes with LTE love for AT&T, it's going to be damn hard to go another year with slow speeds when LTE is readily available (at least in my area). So with that said, if no LTE from the next Nexus, it might come down to the SG3 or the Xperia T to replace my GNex.
  • Why does Sony only release phones for AT&T in the US (Xperia Play on VZW is the exception)?
  • I don't know why Sony has blown-off T-Mobile here in the US. They used to have a good relationship(though AT&T always seemed to get the higher-end SE devices).
  • This phone looks like an XBox.
  • I really wish Sony would make some top spec phones for Sprint soon...