Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones update adds Alexa and volume control

Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones
Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones (Image credit: Jason England / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Sony is rolling out version 2.0.2 of its firmware for the WF-1000XM3 true wireless headphones with some big improvements.
  • The new firmware adds Amazon Alexa, a battery meter for the charging case, and the ability to control the volume using the touch-sensitive buttons.
  • The firmware should update automatically after connecting the buds to your device and opening the app.

The Sony WF-1000XM3 true wireless headphones are some of the best you can buy on the market. They have incredible sound, a long-lasting battery, and best of all, Sony's class-leading active noise canceling technology.

Even our own head audiophile Daniel Bader praised the WF-1000XM3 in his review and recommended you buy them, despite the monstrous oversized charging case and lack of sweat resistance. While Sony can't do anything about the case or water resistance after the fact, that doesn't mean it isn't making the WF-1000XM3 headphones better with software updates.

In fact, the most recent 2.0.2 firmware that was just released adds some new essential features that it's hard to believe weren't included in the first place. For starters, Sony has added support for Amazon Alexa. While I personally prefer Google Assistant, having support for any built-in digital helper is great to see.

Source: Android Central

Next, Sony has added the ability to adjust the volume on the headphones using the touch-sensitive button. Pressing once will increase the volume and long-pressing will decrease the volume. This is the feature I'm most excited about because now I can adjust the volume without having to get my phone out each time. Unfortunately, it does mean that one of the two touch-sensitive buttons will now be dedicated to volume controls, which is bad news if you already had two actions you liked assigned to each button.

Last but not least, with this firmware update, you can now view the battery level of the charging case in the app. It's such a handy feature for headphones that use a charging case, and I can't believe it took Sony this long to add this feature to the app.

If you haven't received the update already, try turning on your WF-1000XM3 headphones and opening the app. You should be greeted with a prompt about the update and it should begin downloading and installing automatically. It can take at least 15 minutes to complete in my experience which isn't too long, just be prepared for the delay in case you're in a hurry.

The Sony WF-1000XM3 are currently $230 from Amazon, and while that's not cheap, they are certainly worth the extra money for a premium pair of truly wireless headphones. You might want to hold off buying right now though. With Black Friday coming soon, there could be a deal on the horizon.

Jason England