Xperia Z2 wireless charging kit

Sony has announced two new wireless charging accessories for the Xperia Z2. The accessories include a wireless charging cover (WCR12 Wireless Charging Cover if you want the official product name) that has been designed specially for the Xperia Z2 and a wireless charging plate (WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate). Both accessories conform to the Qi wireless charging standard.

The Wireless Charging Cover WCR12 is a flip-style cover that doubles as a stand for the Xperia Z2 when used in landscape mode. The cover is made of leather and adds 66 g to the weight of the device. If you already own a Qi-compatible charger, you can go ahead and use the WCR12 cover to charge the Xperia Z2. If not, then you can get the WCH10 wireless charging plate. Or really most any other Qi charger.

The WCH10 wireless charging plate produces 5W of power and measures 78 mm in diameter and 7.7 mm in thickness. Sony hasn't revealed pricing details or availability of these accessories yet, but UK retailer Clove has the WCR12 cover on pre-order for £69, stating that the first stock would arrive in June. The WCH10 charging plate is listed for £54, although there isn't any mention of availability.

What do you think of Sony's latest accessories? Are you interested in buying a wireless charger for your device?

Source: Sony Mobile UK