Sony Google TV box on sale in the UK, marks the long awaited arrival of the the platform

Google TV has finally made it to the UK. The first Google TV device to go on sale on these shores, is the Sony NSZGS7B -- catchy isn't it -- which despite a different, er, name, is the same box as Sony just started shipping in the U.S. 

The Dixons group has it up for sale at £199.99, as does Sony direct, which isn't necessarily going to break the bank. And, with no Nexus Q to catch the eye over here, it's potentially more worth checking out. With the UK launch too, comes UK specific on-demand content such as the BBC iPlayer and 4OD. 

Otherwise, it looks to be the same Google TV experience our American cousins have been getting all this time. What the future truly holds for Google TV is a mystery, but at least us Brits finally got to be a part of it. 

Source: PCWorld, Sony

Richard Devine