Sonos unveils limited edition Blue Note speaker to celebrate 75 years of jazz

Sonos has today unveiled its first limited edition speaker, the Play:1 Blue Note. Identical to the Play:1 but with a new lick of paint, this special limited edition speaker brings to the table an elegant new look with a gorgeous blue gradient effect. It's a perfect representation of Blue Note's style matched with Sonos speaker design.

Setting purchasers back by $250 (compared to $199 for the normal version), this version of the Play:1 had its blue shades applied by seven gravity-fed atomizing spray nozzles (airbrushed), which makes you want to stare at the sound system just that little bit longer.

But why blue, you ask? As highlighted in the title, this is a special Blue Note Records edition speaker. Blue Note is an American jazz record label, established in 1939 deriving its name from the "blue notes" of jazz. The detail is literally in the color, but that's not all you'll receive for the investment.

A full year's worth of Blue Note programming is available through the Sonos app, with three channels on offer - Artist Selects, Born in Blue and Blue Note 101. Interested? Head over to the Sonos store where the limited edition speaker is exclusively listed{.nofollow}. Be sure to act quickly once it's available as only a certain amount of units will be on sale (around 4,100).

Source: Sonos

Rich Edmonds