Sonos' refreshed One SL speaker is eco-friendly and more power efficient

Sonos One SL
Sonos One SL (Image credit: Sonos)

What you need to know

  • Sonos has introduced a "refreshed" version of its One SL speaker.
  • The new model is said to be more power efficient and is also recyclable.
  • It is now available to purchase from Sonos as well as third-party retailers.

Sonos has quietly introduced a refreshed version of its One SL speaker. The new model comes with a "more efficient" wireless radio and a more sustainable product packaging.

Sonos has also made a few tweaks to the design of the speaker's base to get rid of excess plastic and stickering. Although the minor refresh doesn't bring any new features to the "dumb" speaker, Sonos says the updated model is compatible only with its newer Sonos S2 app. The launch of the refreshed One SL was first reported by The Verge.

In a statement sent to Android Central, Sonos said:

We continually seek opportunities to make our products more efficient and sustainable. In this case, we've made updates to One SL that reduce waste, improve recyclability and deliver efficiencies in power consumption. The principle change is a new, more efficient wireless radio (hence the need for an FCC filing). In addition, we've redesigned the base of the speaker to remove extra plastics and stickering as well as refreshing the packaging to the new more sustainable design introduced with Roam. These changes don't deliver new features or functionality so it won't be labeled and sold as a new product, but it will only be compatible with S2.

The One SL was announced in September 2019 as the microphone-less version of the Sonos One — one of its best smart speakers. While it doesn't come with an always-listening microphone, you can still control it with your voice using other Sonos speakers or Amazon Echo and Google Nes products in your home.

Sonos' refreshed One SL is already available to purchase from the Sonos website and various third-party retailers. It is expected to begin shipping in the U.S. from July 9.

While Sonos is known for its smart speakers and soundbars, the company is soon expected to announce its first pair of true wireless earbuds to rival the best wireless earbuds from Apple, Sony, and Samsung. According to a recent patent filing, the upcoming Sonos wireless earbuds will have a unique design and a charging case with a removable battery plate. Along with a pair of true wireless earbuds, Sonos is also rumored to release its first over-ear wireless headphones to challenge the Apple AirPods Max.

Sonos One SL

Sonos One SL

The Sonos One SL is the microphone-free version of the Sonos One. Aside from lacking built-in voice control, however, the One SL is identical to the Sonos One.

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