The Sonos Flex subscription plan lets you rent speakers

Sonos One
Sonos One (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Sonos Flex subscription plan allows you to rent some of the most popular Sonos speakers.
  • As part of the subscription, the speakers will be replaced with the latest models.
  • It's currently only available in the Netherlands as a pilot program.

Do you love high-quality audio but often find the price puts it out of your reach? If so, then a new trial program Sonos is running in the Netherlands might be of interest to you. The new Sonos Flex subscription plan allows you to rent a selection of its most popular speakers for a low monthly price.

As part of the program, Sonos is offering up a pair of its Sonos One speakers in black or white for €15 ($16.50) per month. Sonos also has a couple of its soundbars on offer with the Sonos Beam going for €25 ($27.50) per month and the Playbar fetching €50 ($55) per month.

Renting your audio equipment might seem a little odd compared to purchasing it outright, but one of the perks of Sonos Flex is that the company will "replace your speakers for the latest models as part of your subscription." Plus, if you've seen the price of the Sonos lineup you'll note that it would take 25-30 months of payments to reach the retail price of these speakers.

When you're looking at the price tag for a Sonos One ($199), the Sonos Beam ($399), and Playbar ($699), those lower entry prices do seem awfully tempting.

When asked by PC Mag if there were any plans to expand the program to the U.S., a spokesperson from Sonos said:

Sonos Flex is a small pilot program running in the Netherlands. We don't have anything to share on future plans but we'll be listening to customers throughout.

If you don't feel like waiting to see when or if Sonos Flex will ever make it stateside. or you prefer to buy your audio equipment, then we recommend picking up the Sonos One. We crowned it the best overall Sonos speaker thanks to its excellent sound quality and support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Jason England