Snapchat and YouTube link up so you can easily share your favorite videos

Snapchat sign-in screen
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What you need to know

  • Snapchat's latest update makes it easier to share YouTube videos.
  • Sharing a YouTube video on Snapchat will invlude a visual link in the camera viewfinder.
  • The feature has already started rolling out on iOS and Android smartphones.

Snapchat already has plenty of video content to entertain its users, but now the app is expanding to bring in YouTube content — sort of.

In an update announced Thursday (no, not on April Fools' Day), Snap announced that it is linking up with YouTube to bring visual links of your favorite videos to the Snapchat camera. This way, you can easily share your favorite videos for everyone to check out.

To get started, open up the YouTube app on an iOS or Android phone. If you find one you particularly like, you can hit the share button and tap on the Snapchat icon. Doing so will automatically take you to the Snapchat Camera with a visual link of the video that you can move around in the viewfinder.

Share visual YouTube links on Snapchat

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Anyone that taps the sticker will be able to view the video either in the YouTube app or mobile browser.

"More than 2 billion logged-in users visit YouTube every month to tune into videos that help them find new music, learn different skills, catch up on news, and discover more about the world around them.

With this new integration, we're making it easier than ever for these viewers to send their favorite clips and videos right where they are already talking with their friends on Snapchat."

The feature began rolling out on Thursday and should be available on iOS and the best Android phones.

The update arrives just as Snapchat rival Instagram upgrades its own messaging with several new features. Instagram now makes it easier to share posts, respond to messages, and more. Soon, users will be able to share music previews in threads with Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music integration.

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