Snag a great discount on a 256GB microSD card at Amazon UK!

Need more storage for your phone or tablet? How about this whopping 256GB Sandisk Ultra from Amazon UK that's available right now for just £111.99. That's a £57 saving over its regular retail price and gives an awful lot of storage for not a huge sum of money.

At £2.28 per GB it's still more than you'd pay for PC storage, but given the fact it's on a microSD card and will go inside your phone, it's actually pretty solid value. At this price it offers a better £/GB ratio than the smaller Sandisk 200GB microSD, which makes it even better.

There's no telling how long it'll be available at this price so if you're keen hit the link below and grab it while it's hot!

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Richard Devine
  • Just got a 128GB card for when I get my switch next month for £30. Unless you really need the extra storage, the 256 and 200GB cards aren't really worth the price. It is an amazing triumph of technology though!
  • "At £2.28 per GB"
    You actually calculated GB per £ there. It is £112/256 or £0.4375 per GB
  • You are correct. But the fact that you replied to my comment when I had nothing to do with the article just goes to show that none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes lol.
  • Wow