If you're looking to get started in the connected home space (or you already have but aren't quite sure where to go next), SmartThings should be one of your top options. There are a ton solutions for getting connected at home, but none as easy to work with as SmartThings. Unlike other closed systems, SmartThings has an open environment, meaning you can do all kinds of crazy things to make the system do what you need it to, and it works with an extensive list of third-party devices.


We fired up SmartThings a few weeks ago and have been playing around a lot ever since. The more time you spend with the system, the more you realize what it's capable of. From using motion & door sensors to unlocking your doors to controlling your Hue or Sonos — SmartThings has seemingly endless possibilities.

If you like to tinker — and we know you do — SmartThings also has a crazy large developer community and a huge base of SmartApps that make your system & devices do even more than you thought they could.

If any of this sounds enticing, take a spin over to Connectedly and check out our full review of SmartThings and all of the fun connectedness is brings to the party. We'll have plenty more to come on SmartThings as well, so don't go too far.

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