Sling Media explains why Slingbox loves streaming devices

Streaming live television from your home to wherever you are has always been a cool idea, and there's basically only one big name in this particular corner of the world. Slingbox has been the go-to for this technology for quite a while today, and at CES this year we got a chance to ask them why that is. Ultimately, it comes down to supporting the users where they want to watch content, as explained by Sling Media CMO Mark Vena. The ability to deliver whatever content the user wants on whatever device they currently have on them at the time is what makes having a Slingbox more valuable to many of their users. Additionally, the new content suggestion tools built in to the Slingbox apps makes it so users have extra reasons to stick around and watch things from YouTube or even other channels with similar content.

It also doesn't hurt that the new Slingbox M1 comes in at $150, which is a significant price drop from some of their previous offerings. But hey, whatever lets us watch the game wherever we are, right?

Russell Holly

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