Skitch 2.0

Looking for further integrate Skitch and Evernote, Skitch v2.0 was released today. For those of you out there who use it often, you'll notice plenty of changes within the updated version. To start, you get a whole new home screen that has been cleaned up to allow for ease of use. In addition to that, you'll also get a whole new subset of tools to make use of:

  • Pixelate - The new Pixelate feature is a great way to quickly obscure a part of an image that may contain personal or sensitive information. Take a photo or choose one from your gallery, tap the Pixelate tool and drag it across the section of the image that you want to hide. Now you can annotate and share an image without worrying that others will be able to read sensitive information in it.
  • Highlighter - When you need to emphasize something, the best way is often to use a highlighter. That’s why we created the new highlighting tool. Choose the highlighter, a color and line thickness, then start drawing. The lines appear just like a highlighter on paper, allowing you to clearly see the background objects.
  • Panning Tool - The left-most option on the toolbar is the Panning Tool. It lets you select, move and resize annotations. After you finish adding a shape, text or arrow, the Panning Tool is automatically selected, so that you can easily adjust the object.

The round out the update, that mentioned Skitch and Evernote relationship has been improved. Now, when you view your Skitch notes, those are actually coming from within Evernote. To coincide with the release, a small Evernote update was released today as well. You'll find both available for download in the Google Play Store.

Source: Skitch