Simplenote is a lightweight yet full-featured note taking app that's cross-platform on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It's a great alternative to Evernote and their new pricing, and offers syncing and sharing as well as the ability to work while offline. And as of today, it's now open source on all platforms.


As announced on their blog, the client side code for the Android, iOS, and Mac versions have been posted to Automattic's Github where they join the Windows version that was previously open-sourced. This means that anyone can freely download the source code and build it themselves, or change it into something different and release it as another app. Though, as Phil points out Simplenote is really good at what it's intended to do — be simple, and take notes.

The server-side portions are not open, so there's a small hurdle for whoever wants to use the code as a base for the next great thing. Automattic may very well open-source the server bits, but even if they don't a development team could plug their own server details into the code as it exists. In other words, good news all around.

We love it when any app goes open and especially love it when a great app does it.

Nice work, Automattic. And thanks.