Should you use paddle mods on a PlayStation 4 controller when playing Apex Legends?

Best answer: Only if you're a serious competitive player. You don't need them, but they definitely give players an advantage when utilized properly.

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Why are extra paddles on a controller useful?

When we play video games with a DualShock controller, we're typically using only four fingers: our pointer fingers and our thumbs. There's obviously more than four buttons on a controller, so you'll be constantly moving between buttons on the face of the controller as you play a game. Depending on your reaction times and what needs to be pressed, this can drastically cut down on your efficiency during a match.

Extra paddles on your control allow you to remap buttons in a way that suits your gaming needs the best in a particular situation. They allow you to utilize your middle or ring fingers and not worry about moving those you are already using. Two (or four) paddles on the back can be mapped to any button you choose. For instance, you can map a back paddle to the jump or reload buttons in whatever game you are in and you won't need to take your thumbs off of the thumbsticks when you need to use them, allowing you greater control of your character's movement and view.

How does this help me in Apex Legends, specifically?

In a game like Apex Legends, you can imagine how crucial it is to be at the top of your game. The moment another player sees you, you've got a target on your back. Saving that fraction of a second it would have taken to hit whichever button you need with your thumb instead could mean the difference between winning or losing in fast-paced, competitive multiplayer.

How does the Collective Minds Dominator Controller Adapter work?

Using the Collective Minds Dominator Controller Adapter is simple. Just snap it onto the back of your controller, plug in the cable it comes with, and you're ready to go. It may be referred to as a paddle mod, but there's no actual physical modding involved. You don't need to gut your controller.

Why not buy a premium controller with paddles already built-in?

If you want a good controller with paddles already built-in, you'll need to pay a hefty price for it. Some of the best on the market right now, like the SCUF Vantage and Razer Raiju, are upwards of $150 just for base models, going all the way to $200 if you splurge and grab some extra features. You don't need to drop hundreds of dollars to get a similar experience. Paddle mod controller adapters offer a way to remap your buttons at a fraction of the cost.

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