You might not think you need that device protection add-on for your shiny new device, but with Google's new Pixel smartphones, you might consider springing for it in the case of an emergency.

Google's new device insurance program is simply called Device Protection for your Pixel. For a flat fee or $99 ($129 in Canada) for either the Pixel or Pixel XL, Google will cover accidental damage from a drop or water ingress, as well as any general malfunctions for two years.

If in the event that you do need to file a claim, Google will hook you up with a new device after you pay a deductible—$79 for the Pixel and $99 for the Pixel XL. Take heed that you can only make a maximum of two claims during the two years you have the device in hand. Because honestly, if you have a bad habit of throwing your phone at the wall in fits of anger…well, that's not something Google can help you with.

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So, is the extra $100 worth it for Pixel device protection? Absolutely. You'll still get one year of manufacturer's warranty even if you don't opt for it, but try not to live life too dangerously—especially since the new Pixel smartphones already cost a pretty penny.