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Best answer: If you don't already have a password manager, premium antivirus software, and a VPN, Eero Secure + is hands-down the superior choice. It offers everything Eero Secure does and then some, at a monthly fee that's only marginally higher.

Eero Secure is great for families, less so for solo buyers

The Internet is not a particularly safe place. Even a cursory glance at the news will tell you that much. Between sophisticated malware and ransomware, phishing scams, intrusive advertisements, and a whole host of malicious and compromised websites, going online can sometimes feel akin to navigating a digital minefield.

Eero Secure is a subscription service designed to tackle this problem. Intended as a value-add for Amazon's Eero mesh networking hardware, it equips subscribers with several network-wide security controls that enable them to protect both themselves and their family online. These include:

  • Automated detection of malicious or compromised websites
  • Ad Blocking
  • Content Filtering, including device profiles
  • Access to VIP technical support with reduced queue times

Together, the above services cost $2.99 per month, or $29 for an annual subscription. It's an excellent deal, particularly if you have younger children. That said, if you live alone or don't have kids, content filtering won't hold a whole lot of value for you, and much of the other stuff Eero does can be handled fairly easily by any relatively tech-savvy individual.

You can sign up for Eero Secure via your Eero account page.

Eero Secure + is an excellent deal all around

Here's where the deal gets a whole lot sweeter. Eero Secure + offers everything Eero Secure does, while also providing full access to several premium partnered services. These include the private network, the 1Password password manager, and the ability to install Malwarebytes Premium on up to three devices.

Together, this bundle costs $9.99 a month, or $99 annually.

Let's do a bit of math. Malwarebytes alone costs nearly $80 a year. 1Password, meanwhile costs around $35, and for families costs $150 per year. Basically, if you don't already have premium antivirus software, a VPN, and a password manager, Eero Secure + is an excellent deal, even if you live alone.

It gives you direct access to several premium services at an excellent price, while also providing you with several easy-to-configure tools for network protection.

You can sign up for Eero Secure + via your Eero account page.

Get Eero now

Eero Mesh Wi-Fi 3-pack

Eero Mesh WiFi 3-Pack

A mesh network with added security

Eero Secure may be an excellent subscription service, but it's also layered atop a decent mesh network, as well. This pack is reliable and easy to install, offering excellent speed and reliability for most small to mid-sized homes.

Go big or go home

Eero Pro (2nd Gen)

Eero Pro

Tri-band power and stability

The Eero Pro operates at double the speed of a standard Eero device, providing greater range, bandwidth, and stability. Although it's a bit more expensive, in this case you get what you pay for.

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