What Is Eero Secure and Eero Secure +

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Best answer: Eero Secure is a subscription plan introduced by Amazon for owners of its Eero mesh networking system. It offers a wealth of advanced security and parental controls to help protect your home network. Eero Secure + is essentially the next tier, offering more features for a higher monthly fee.

Eero Secure gives you greater control over network security

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Starting at $3 per month for a monthly subscription or $29 for an annual subscription, Eero Secure gives you access to several network-wide security tools that you can use to protect the people and devices in your home. They include advanced threat detection, ad blocking, Content Filtering, and access to Eero's VIP support channel. You can sign up for Eero Secure via your Eero Account page. Further instructions can be found here.

Threat Detection

Eero's threat detection software draws from a database of over 12 billion daily website visits, updating constantly and automatically as you browse the web. It protects you from accidentally visiting websites that have been flagged as malicious, keeping you safe from malware, phishing attacks, and all manner of other online threats. It can be enabled or disabled through your Discover tab (on iOS) or under Advanced Security under Security & Privacy in Network Settings (on Android).

Ad Block

No more popups; no more intrusive or creepy ads interrupting your browsing experience or following you around the web. Although it's currently still in beta, Eero's ad block feature not only cuts off advertisements on websites, but also kills many in-app ads as well.

You can enable it on iOS through the Discover tab in the Eero app and on Android under Ad Blocking*** in **Security & Privacy.


There's some nasty content on the web, and Eero's SafeSearch is designed to protect you and your children from it. Once enabled, it will automatically filter out potentially-objectionable search results. SafeSearch is highly configurable as well, with multiple content filtering options that can be applied to customizable profiles, each of which can contain any number of devices.

To get started with SafeSearch on iOS, you'll want to tap on the Home tab in the Eero app, then select Profiles, followed by Safe Filters. On Android, you can find the option under the Family Profiles section of the menu button. Within these menus, you'll also see a selection of possible filters you can apply:

  • Pornographic or else containing nudity or adult themes.
  • Potentially illegal, such as hacking, drugs, and content theft.
  • Excessively violent.

VIP Support

With Eero Secure, you'll have access to priority technical support. Generally speaking, this means that the moment you need help, you'll be connected with an experienced professional. You may still experience a wait time during periods of abnormally high call volumes, but it'll be minimal compared to everyone else's.

Eero Secure + gives you some awesome extra subscription services

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At $10 per month or $99 annually, Eero Secure + offers all the features of Eero Secure, then sweetens the pot with full access to several partnered apps.


A simple, scalable virtual private network (VPN), Encrypt.me not only allows you to gain access to region-locked content that might otherwise be out of your reach, but also automatically kicks in to safeguard you when connecting to an unsecured or unrecognized wireless network. It's fast, and if you're more technically inclined, open-source, meaning you can fiddle with the source code to set up your own private endpoint.


If you're using the same password for every single platform and service, you're putting yourself under serious risk for a hack or data breach. That's where 1Password comes in.

Rather than having to remember a unique password for every single account, you can set a strong master password, and have it create random, strong passwords for all the rest.

Malwarebytes Premium

Although Eero Secure does come bundled with threat detection, you can never go wrong with an extra layer of security. Malwarebytes is one of the leading antivirus solutions on the web, and includes a bunch of extra protections that go above and beyond standard threat detection, like anti-ransomware. Signing up for Malwarebytes Premium through Eero Secure + allows you to install on up to three supported devices.

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