Best answer: Even though the system came out in 2016, its tech is still relevant and can give your home network a boost. Google Wifi is worth the investment if you're looking to upgrade your home network, or even if you just want to get your network to reach that one dead spot in your house. It's a solid and easy-to-use mesh router that stands out among other home Wifi systems because of its low entry price and streamlined simplicity.

Mesh is better

Mesh is the way to go if you want to improve your Wifi coverage and reliability. It broadcasts Wifi signal from multiple locations, so the network can more easily reach through walls, floors, and other obstacles that normally cause spotty signal.

Google Wifi is a true mesh system – all its points communicate with one another to form a cohesive network instead of reporting back to one device that acts as the main router. Each Google Wifi device covers up to 1,500 square feet. You can use a single Google Wifi device to set up a network for a small area like an apartment, but the system is meant to work with multiple Google Wifi points. You can buy these individually or in packs of three, depending on how large an area you need to cover.

The best of the mesh

Google Wifi came out on top of our comparative review of four mesh systems because of its lower starting price, user-friendly app, and reliable performance. While other Wifi systems are ideal for specific circumstances, Google Wifi is great for users who want something simple but effective.

The Google Wifi app has a familiar interface to anyone who's used any Google product, and its setup process is easy enough the least tech-savvy person could figure it out. The app offers easily-accessible network management tools including usage monitoring, family settings, and device prioritization. You can read our full Google Wifi review here.

Wifi 6

Google Wifi is still in its first hardware version, which was released in 2016. It uses the wireless AC standard, or Wifi 5. This is still entirely relevant technology and will probably hold up well for the next few years, especially since Google regularly updates the devices' software. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the next generation of Wifi, called Wifi 6, is already available in some high-end devices.

Wifi 6 is faster and more efficient than Wifi 5, which makes it better equipped to handle the growing number of connected devices in our homes than the current standard. Google will likely release a new version of Google Wifi when Wifi 6 becomes more widely available. There is no timeline for when this might happen, but Netgear announced the upcoming release of a Wifi 6 version of its mesh-like Orbi system in the second half of 2019. Still, now is a good time to invest in Google Wifi because it could be another few years before an updated version is available, or it could be replaced in a few months by a product that costs a lot more.

Our pick

Google Wifi System

The best true mesh

Google Wifi's strength lies in its simple reliability. The mesh network is easy to set up, use and manage from your smartphone, but it uses advanced technology to create a fast and far-reaching wireless network.

Keep things tidy

Google Wifi Wall Mount

Wall plug adapter

This mount turns your Google Wifi device into a wall plug for easy placement without taking up shelf or counter space. It has a hidden cord organizer to keep everything neat and tidy.

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