More RAM?

Best answer: Right now, we only have models with the Intel Core m3 processor, which performs just fine with 4GB, though 8GB is a better option for power-users that intend to dual-boot or use Linux apps heavily. When models with i5 or i7 processors debut, you'll definitely want 8GB of RAM for them.

4GB is enough: ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 (From $570 at Amazon)

RAM isn't the only spec that matters here

The MOAR RAM MOAR POWER instinct we have with new computers isn't always a necessary one for Chromebooks. For the C434, how much RAM you need comes down to which processor you want to use.

This model gets by fine on 4GB

The models available right now all use the Intel Core m3 processor, for which 4GB is perfectly fine. While 8GB is great for power-users that intend to keep open 20-40 tabs at a time or heavily use Linux apps, you can absolutely get by on 4GB with the m3. Both models have 64GB of internal memory, too, so you can't use extra storage to help push the upgrade decision.

Now, when beefier models come around, the story will change. For the i5 and i7, 8GB of RAM will definitely be worth the upgrade — assuming 4GB options are offered for them at all — but that's a moot point until ASUS ships them to retailers.

Unless you're someone looking to do some heavy-heavy Linux work or other dual-booting shennanigans, you likely don't need to wait for the i5/i7 models — and the much higher prices they will entail — as the m3/4GB model of the ASUS Chromebook C434 gives you a great screen, great battery life, and plenty of internal space for documents or offline movies for those pesky Wi-Fi-less cross-country flights. The 8GB RAM will give you more capacity for keeping a few extra apps or tabs running concurrently, but without a storage bump to match it, it won't be worth the price bump.

4GB is enough

ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

For now, if you want a C434 with the Core m3 processor — which is still plenty powerful and plenty fast for everyday computing and even my heavy workload and long hours — then the 4GB is readily available and reasonably priced.

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